BOOST PC VR Graphics & Nvidia VRSS A Game Changer For VR?

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Nvidia VRSS just released with the latest Nvidia Geforce driver update. It’s touted to improve the visual quality of VR games on PC VR headsets without affecting …


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  1. Hey, you did it wrong. Can you redo this video with possible retraction doing it properly? Basically, adaptive doesn't adjust the LEVEL of supersampling, just the SIZE of it (the foveated region). And, to be frank, anything over 2x is probably not going to have any visual impact. The level of supersampling (2x, 4x, 8x) is determined by your MSAA multiplier. So what you did was set your multiplier to an ABSURD 8x supersample which was going to drop frames even at its smallest and only cover the centermost area. If you try using 2x, you should see the same effective quality but with possibly perfect frametimes. 4x might have some benefit but I suspect 2x is going to be the sweet spot for games like Boneworks that are hard on GPUs as is.

  2. nice tech, sad it is nvidia, and in general peoples use amd vga , well at least in my region, was in lan party not long time ago and seen like 80 % amd gpu , and like all nvidia tech , it probably won't be used a lot or simple die

  3. i tried this on friday and i was super confused by this, i thought i was doing something wrong. thankfully this video told me that i wasn’t doing anything wrong, but also told me that vrss is shit.

  4. To paraphrase the concluding statement, VRSS will be truly useful when we get much higher resolution headsets with 170 degree field, of view and with demonstrated working eyetracking …such as the Pimax 8KX qhich will be available it the first half of this year.

  5. Every time I update my 1070ti though Nvidia I cant use Oculus link and my Rift screen is black, I even tried the latest update, i'm still stuck on a 2 years old graphics card update

  6. Did you notice a difference in sharpness in and around the center?
    I wonder if its easier to see when running the HMD at lower than native resolution, like 50%.
    Just want to see if its actually working 😅

  7. Did you try messing with the settings a bit more? You cranked up the MSAA to 8x which required you to put the resolution per an eye at native (1.0 in steamVR settings). What was the steamVR resolution set at originally? 1.2,1.4? What if you put MSAA to 4x instead?

    Curious to see what the exact comparison is (When using and not using VRSS). If it is possible, you can tweak it so that VRSS isn't bottlenecking and get a better comparison. There is nothing worse then having the game exceed the gpu max frame time. I have a 2080 TI and 9700k and its my 2080 TI which is always being pushed the most. I'll try to run some test this week to see if it is worth turning on. With boneworks of course.

  8. Strange that u were having those results?? I use a Rift S and a RTX 2070 Super and used to playing VR with SS from 1.4 – 1.8.

    I've tested VRSS and tried Robo Recall. AMAZING – Really sharp and ultra smooth. Then i tried In death – Amazing again.. looking forward in trying a few other titles.

  9. Mike guess what my rift s doesn't recognize my display port so I need to do an refund that will take 2 weeks and order a new one from amazon that will be 50€ more expensive and will take 2 weeks to arrive!
    Sorry for the little outburst 🙂

  10. I dont think you have to enable 8x MSAA if you use VRSS, the VRSS is already an AA method, so by enabling MSAA you additionally use AA over another AA. I dont think it how its supposed to work

  11. Ah, seems I don't have to bother with this just yet, even if I have an RTX card 😅 It's an interesting technique, question is with these results if it makes sense on non-fixed hardware platforms. Now people could be running with anti-aliasing making the adaptive super sampling redundant. I imagine this is partially why it wasn't impressive for you, but then I didn't quite catch how VRSS was related to MSAA 😗

  12. So I have vrss on in the supported games, and I already had steamvr setup with 120% ss on, is it recommended to lower it in steam and let nvidia do the work for better performance?
    I know it all depends on your specs but I got a decent pc.

  13. Nvidia need to fuck off with this nonsense…"rtx does this!..rtx does that! this super 20 series card as it will blow the last gen away!..I have a 1080ti and i cannot tell any difference from my friends 2080…what an absolute joke of a company, this "NEW TECH" hasnt progressed anywhere near enough to warrant the hefty purchase price they are asking.

  14. Did you have the VRSS settings available in NVIDIA Global Settings? I didn’t see it on a 2080 Max Q. Just wondered it it’s a desktop card feature.

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