Smartphone Durability Awards 2019!

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We have reached the end of another year. Its time to assess the overall durability of all the 2019 smartphones! The great thing about phones, is that there are so …


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  1. I've a OnePlus 7t and the back does make me a bit nervous but at Β£22 plus VAT and fitting (by OnePlus) it seems like a bargain after seeing what Apple charge.

  2. I've had a oneplus 6t since November 2018. The fact that it comes with an included case + screen protector makes it look new to this day. And the battery life's still good.

  3. Ive used many phones, none of them in cases, and the iphone 11 pro is the first one that doesnt really scratch. Its amazing, hope more phones will have this in future. I hate cases

  4. I still have the gen 1 ROG phone and it's held up pretty well but the lack of a "good" phone case makes me overly careful with it. And currently I'm excited about the Galaxy S20.

  5. Hi Jerry my favorite phone in 2019 was the iphone 11 pro. I did not buy any in 2019. I was thinking can you send any phone from your table that survived the durability test. I can cater for the shipping since I am from a different country. I would really appreciate it.

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