The Best of CES 2020 in 4 minutes | Drones, Action Camera, Air Taxi

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Most interesting CES 2020 items for my channel πŸ™‚

Autel Evo 2:
Insta One R:

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Sony a6400:
Rode Wireless Go:
Sigma 16mm F/1.4 lens:

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  1. Did you get a chance to see the Micro Drone 4.0 while you were there? That's been getting a lot of people excited, a sort of beginners drone with a gimbal camera

  2. I think Autel EVO II would be the most fun for you and the most interesting to us. If they can keep the price point near or under $1,500 u.s. I would have to do some serious research before making a decision on that or the Mavic 3. Before you did a video about the Evo 2 I had watched one on another Channel and was pretty impressed by it. That is the first non DJI drone I have seen that I would seriously consider, again, depending on the final price point.

  3. Hi Young I like your videos of new tech very informative please review the insta360 one r with drone more vlogs to come Godbless!! Kamsahamnida!!

  4. Thank you for the great review of CES 2020! πŸ‘πŸ‘ This year, you will be busy with making awesome reviews of new tech devices! πŸ˜„πŸ‘

  5. Nice overview…As an Autel Dealer if you choose to get one of the NEW EVO-II We will assure best price via a Rebate from Airborne Works and 5% of your purchase we will donate back to the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program (Autel Robotics is a Partner supporter of our NPS-DDP non-profit to help put " Eyes in the sky for every department in need" TM.) Most recent of the 14 drones to be donated by Autel can be seen here. The best price offer holds true for any purchase made by anyone purchasing from Airborne Works for any Autel, FLIR or Leica products we sell. If you end up not getting and EVO–II I will be interested to still follow your product review. : > )

  6. wow looks like some fantastic products coming on line just wondering witch bank would like to sponsor me with the money to uy ha ha stay safe great report

  7. Suggestion: Reframe yourself to left or right side of frame (and maybe pull back just a bit). Use the resulting "negative space" for picture-in-picture to introduce the new subject before zooming it to full screen. Save the center framing for your trademark "see you" sign-off. It will create a more interesting and dynamic presentation.

  8. I would like to see you review the V Copter Falcon. I am interested in this one. I have the Mavic 2 Pro, Phantom 4 Advanced and the Mavic Mini. Thanks! And thanks for a great review of CES 2020.

  9. The Autel seems like its having an identity crisis, they can't decide if they want to go industrial, cinematic, or straight consumer. if you're using a thermo application you will most likely opt for something more autonomous although the battery life is good, if you're filming something worth 8K resolution you would probably just upgrade to film with an Alta 8 and gimbal setup with an actuall 8K RED camera, and for just joe-blow consumer just seems like a little overkill vs something like the Skydio 2. Quite the dilemma!

  10. Love what I am seeing an the Autel Evo 2!
    But 99.99% of the people should be aware —- your (what you think is) hot desktop configuration is not going to cut the mustard to edit 8K video! I'm sorry you will seriously need to update your hardware if you really think 8k video editing is for you.

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