5 New Lotus Sports Cars that Are Lighter and Faster than Ever Before

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It has been three years since the privately owned Chinese automotive giant Geely acquired the majority stake in Lotus and it seems that the cash influx is having a very positive impact on the British brand. 2020 welcomes multiple all new models to the lineup, while the old timers are expected to receive significant upgrades. In today’s episode of #AutomotiveTerritoryDailyNews we will briefly discuss the most important Lotus cars of the upcoming model year, listing their detailed pricing and specs.

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#1 2020 Lotus Evora GT

Unlike many of its major competitors who tend to pack more and more high-tech features into their sportscars, the 2020 Evora GT is all about fully engaging the driver and delivering precise handling.

#2 2020 Lotus EVIJA All-Electric Hypercar

This is the first ever electric car by Lotus and at the same time the first all-new model developed by the brand after the change of ownership. The name Evija was inspired by the Biblical Hebrew language where it means alive.

#3 Lotus Bicycle

Lately it hasn’t been surprising to see car makers trying their hand in production of last mile transportation. Lotus Engineering collaborated with Hope Technology to build the ultimate track bike that is expected to help athletes from the Great Britain Cycling Team.

#4 2020 Lotus Evora GT4 Concept

Though still often referred to as a racecar brand, Lotus has not been taking part in Formula One Racing since 1994. Now, the brand is planning to make a comeback to international motorsports, and their first step in this direction is new 2020 Lotus Evora GT4 concept.

#5 2017 Lotus ELISE CUP 250

Though Lotus ELISE CUP 250 can hardly be called a newcomer to the market, making a debut for 2017, we decided it deserves an honorary mention this year, since it managed to snatch the title the Icon of Icons from the legendary Ford Mustang, Jeep Wrangler and Porsche 911 at the 2019 Autocar Awards.

#6 2019 Lotus EXIGE SPORT 410

Until the arrival of the all-new generation of the Exige, the latest entry to the lineup Sport 410 will remain the freshest model in the range. When it was introduced in 2019, it landed between the Sport 350 and Cup 430.


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