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  1. Wii U was actually an amazing system. It just had terrible marketing. The 1st party games were AMAZING.
    I preferred Mario 3d world over odyssey.
    I played botw for the first time on wii U.
    I prefer splatoon 1 over 2.
    Idk…. i love the switch more overall, but I still think wii u was amazing

  2. Minecraft above Splatoon, Tropical Freeze, Rayman Legends, Xenoblade X and Bayonetta 2? IGN, you guys are weak. You updated this list just so you could put Sleep of the Wild at Number 1. Nah.

  3. My Favorites:

    1. SSB4
    2. MK8
    3. Super Mario Maker
    4. Pokken Tournament
    5. Super Mario 3D World
    6. Pikmin 3
    7. Super Mario Bros. Wii U & Super Luigi
    8. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
    9. Yoshi's Woolly World
    10. Paper Mario
    11. Splatoon
    12. Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze
    13. Nintendo Land
    14. Animal Xing: Amiibo Festival
    15. Art Lessons For Beginners

  4. I don't know if I missed any but I noticed that the scripts were copied from the last list on these games: Super Luigi / Mario U, Shovel Knight, Wind Waker, and Mario Kart. As a reminder I'm not trying to find bad things about this great list about a very under rated console.

  5. Still using Wii U. The first game I played is BoTW and it was fun until I finished the game. The downside is that Pro controller doesn't have motion controls so I use the gamepad for precise aiming of using bow and arrow.

  6. Mario,Luigi, Toad & princess are the video game Kardashians. The little walking mushrooms and turtles are Kylie and Kendall. Like Kim. Mario & the princess started it and it opened doors for everyone else to get their own games.

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