ALERT! Bitcoin SV Moonshots?…EXIT SCAM or Craig Wright is Satoshi!! (Bix Weir)

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Yes, how quickly common sense flees the brain when the crypto markets are running hot! Craig Wright claims he’s going to prove he’s Satoshi by the end of the month SO Bitcoin SV moonshots over $435?! Those who buy into this claim better PRAY he can prove he’s Satoshi by Jan 31st!!


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  1. I am a very experienced Business man and I cannot figure out how all these cryptos work…The only thing I do know is that the early adopters make all the money…

  2. Moving coins out of a wallet isn't strong proof because people will speculate that he obtained the keys from someone. The iron clad way to prove would be to show registration of keys before being used, but this wasn't available before

  3. U don't need to believe in ANYTHING
    Its all about Copy Past garbage like LTC Vs totally new technology which can actually SCALE like BSV .
    Who ever understand THE technical part of it will succeed to hold THE real projects , whoever buy on emotions
    and other BS like Who Is Real Satoshi , silver to gold ,4 to 1 ratio will be VERY disappointed.
    BSV HUGE overpass BTC and BCH on # transactions and # block size
    So stop following idiots which know NOTHING about scaling and try to build bla bla bla on emotions
    Start to follow technical data sources to understand WHY and HOW BSV is one of the best performing coins today
    from Insider

  4. He better not be satoshi, because he's going to be handing over 500,000 BTC, BSV, and BCH to someone that knows nothing about crypto and has to pay 40% estate taxes. You think this has a happy ending?

  5. BSV is the only original Satoshi Protocol and will go 1-1 with BTC. And there are patent papers from Craight Wright regarding crypto well before BTC first appeared. And why would he want to prove hes Satoshi? He has millions of BTC, BSV, BTG and all the other countless forks… the guys a billionaire.

  6. ill say this… He has stayed the course for years claiming to be Satoshi. If he is proven to be one of the founders the crypto market will collapse. Never say Never he might have the last laugh. You should have some SV as INSURANCE

  7. FYI – this is my last video to watch from you. I am now officially unsubscribed.

    You see, as a trusted voice in the community, you owe your viewers more than this.

    I appreciate all of the insight I learned from you about the metals markets. I took everything I learned from you to the Q research boards, and verified all of it as true.

    I don’t know how to peg you, Bix. You’re either being paid off by Blockstream to bad mouth Craig, OR, you just don’t get it. The reality hasn’t set in that Bitcoin is alive and well in the original protocol. Regardless of which of these two categories you fit into, you have nothing to offer me at this point.

    You and Ben have convinced many people to invest in LTC. All of these people will lose their money. It’s only a matter of time. If you care about your viewers, and people who pay your living, why don’t you do a little research and spread truth about what’s going on?

    If you want to speak with me about it all, I’ll gladly tell you everything I know…free of charge. You have my phone number on Telegram. I messaged it to you a while back. Call me. Let’s talk. Imagine how much you could change the life of each of your viewers if you got them off of a sinking ship sooner than they’d ever have gotten off by themselves.

    Do the right thing, man.

    The Great Awakening is real, and it’s coming regardless of what you do. You’ll either have a lot of people who are indebted to you for helping them, or a lot of people who want tour head on a silver platter for shilling dead end projects like LTC and BTC.

    Do the right thing!

  8. Bix, i tried to reach out to you on the raw food cleanse Telegram a couple months ago to tell you that this play was coming.

    Most likely you wouldn’t have listened, as most wont.

    That being said, you’re a smart guy, man. Set aside your bias and come check out what we’re doing on Bitcoin.

    We’ve all been lied to about Bitcoin.

    BSV is Bitcoin, and it’s amazing.

    An honest evaluation of the information at hand will yield shocking results. Trust me…or don’t…it’s up to you.

    PS – a 300% jump the last couple days is only the beginning, my friend. Don’t get stuck holding these worthless token which do nothing. There is a new internet being built on Bitcoin right now. The quicker each of you can tune out the propaganda, and make your own decisions, the less money you’ll lose in these crypto markets.

  9. Its funny,I went to every channel I follow and all of them had this top secret info the dollar is gonna crash January 14th,I just searched,all them BULLSHIT VIDEO'S ARE WIPED CLEAN CANT FIND ANY OF THEM,now the new top secret info is MARCH 31ST, THESE FEAR MONGERS ARE REALLY GOOD AT KEEPING IM SURE ALOT OF PEOPLE NOT FUCKING ME,IN THE PALM OF TH I RE HAND DAY AFTER DAY IM TOTALLY ONTO ALL OF THEM FUCKING STOP WATCHING ALL THESE SO CALLED EXPERTS IT IS ALL A TOTAL SCAM!!!

  10. Sounds to me like your bitter bsv supassed litecoin …. What does bsv have to do with bitconnect? Also, litecoin was a the exit scam… Charlie pumped it to the moon and cashed out at the top….. You want to talk exit scam……lol.

  11. My goodness I just don't trust any of this block chain stuff serms so sinister about it all . I'm feeling how fast technology going this stuff will be out dated so fast and something totally different digital will come up ..I was going to invest in litecoin but something told me don't do it a deep gut feeling my intuition never failed me .. I can't pin point it but something dark about it all.. I'll stick to gold and silver …

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