Bitcoin Entering the Next Bullish Phase? TIME TO ACCUMULATE!!!

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  1. I think we have a blow-off top of the measured move from Iran news — maybe 8500-9000 to get some bulls trapped, then the mega dump ensues. Exchanges saw what would happen in a real crisis, and they gotta clear the order books >:D

  2. Over the last couple of days I've noticed that volume is slowly bleeding, but price seems to be slowly climbing. Is this a good or bad sign. I think we'll see a breakout sometime today

  3. BCZ is a great project. Would highly recommend looking int it. Nice wallet, one-click staking, cold staking coming, low supply and phenomenal dev team!

  4. 4:30 thanks for the video, I always enjoy watching your analysis. My concern with the SAR is that in the last bear market it went bullish in july 2018 which was the middle of a dead cat bounce to dump much more 2 weeks later for the second half of the bear market. Any ideas about that?

  5. What qonfuses me is that in 2010 the bear to top market took about 1year in 2014 took 3year i would logical if the 2018 wil take 6years i expect the all time high in 2023??

  6. I am still bearish. I keep thinking of 1 thing. How is it just going to be this easy to make 10 20 30x here in btc….there has to be a twist, more pain before we pump much at all…derivatives were put on btc for 1 reason, to suppress it….plus there are other bearish indicators that suggest we could waterfall down too. The fact everyone is bullish now, makes me think bear and capitulation

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