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  1. Smartphones are amazing. Once you've used it you can't live without it. I remember my mum saying she'll never use an smartphone because she thought she wouldn't need all those features. Now she played Pokemon Go, uses maps, listens to international radios, watches YouTube… its crazy how a good smartphone changes someone.

  2. 2017 2018 + 2019 (mainly) cell phones have officially killed off basic computers cuz now with Huawei and Samsung and now Android 10 you can have a standard PC desktop interface with windowed all running off of your cell phone running

    And even some advanced features like high-end video production can be done on a phone
    There's not much Phone cannot do now

    Basic, gaming, photo, video, music, making/producing

    Hard drive, NAS, FTP, FAX, media server, AND MORE there's not many file extensions feta phone cannot WORK WITH ….

    That's one of the thing I think of smarphone can do oh yeah make phone

  3. If the tech left me today. I would be fine. Yes, some new tech would be purchased for convenience such as a GPS and Landline phone, but I would be fine. Good thing I was born in 1981 and have lived without a smartphone.

  4. I will be lost without my phone it helps my life go smoother every day and help me keep up with my love ones and staining contact And keeping my life up today I love my phone and I am happy that technology is here today and growing every day and every year getting better

  5. Smartphones went away we would have to go back to remembering phone numbers Finding places without GPS going back 2 piece of paper and a pen writing down notes A lot will be missing from our lives extra work we would have to do without a phone

  6. They're hardly even phones at this point,and in the right hands they surpass alot of computers. They're utilities,they work as flashlights which we take for granted to the fullest,but compasses,a level. Shit I saw an app that uses the camera to show you wifi signals and they're strengths in real time. In ANY type of predicament you can use YouTube and the browser to answer your question. I had to birth a baby this year as an emergency and I YouTubed it and bam done. Technology has come so far so fast though that it's actually a bit alarming to me.

  7. Our smartphones are more powerful than those computers that took Neil Armstrong to the moon.

    My iPhone 7 plus camera produces a better quality images than my compact camera bought in 2010 (considered good at the time).

  8. Great video Jason. I don’t even use a laptop anymore. A smartphone is so normal to carry these days that we take it for granted. I remember having a beeper and using pay phones. Yes I’m showing my age. But we grew up at the same time so I can relate to everything you said.

  9. The term pocket computer that was only spoken about as a near fantasy in books and movies years ago or information at the palm of your hands, those have never been as true as they are today. At no other point in history have you been able to pull out a device you carry with you at all times that contains almost all of the worlds information, something that even in Encyclopedia Britannica never achieved across it's massive volume of books, just look up anything you want and be able to get an answer. Or better yet, with YouTube, you can learn practically anything (to a reasonable level) for free if reading books isn't your thing. I do every once in a while pull away from technology to appreciate how far we've come. I'm a 80s kid so I've seen cassette tapes, VHS, Laserdisc, DVHS, CD's, rotary phones, cordless phones, the first mobile phone (Motorola AKA Zack Morris Phone), first mobile flip phone (Motorola StarTac), basically I've seen some stuff. The culmination of most of those are now summed up in a modern smartphone, it's your video recorder, your voice recorder, your general purpose computer, your camera, your TV for many people, your translator, list goes on and on.

  10. The rotary phone holy crap I love it kids today have no idea I’m old enough to remember them we even had a party line when I as young to come from that to now truly amazing. Great video

  11. Mobile phones existed for 20 years before the smart phone era. All that has happened is one device can do what we could already do on multiple devices.

    If i want to do some actual work I sit down at a desktop and all the smartphone has added to my life is convenience and access to certain things when I am on the go.

  12. Watching on my 11 pro max midnight green.

    How the hell did they make an iPhone with almost 2 days battery life. I’m loving this phone. The cameras amazing as well. I was concerned with notch but I’m fine with it. Glad I grabbed it

  13. Am I the only one excited for the Microsoft duo phone?? I'm just happy to see another major player come to the table. I've been liking Microsoft's direction lately.

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