12 New All-Electric Bikes Coming to Electrify Different Motorcycle Classes

According to the latest announcements, production versions of electric motorcycles by conventional manufacturers are still a couple of years into the future, but it doesn’t mean that their development isn’t underway or that newly formed startups aren’t trying to occupy the niche before the major competition arises.

In today’s episode of Automotive Territory, we will be exploring the latest introductions to the electrified motorbike family that clearly show the trend of ebikes taking over various motorcycle classes from powerful superbikes to stylish cruisers.

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List of bikes that were shown in this #ATelectricbikes release:

Damon Hypersport: damonmotorcycles.com

Probably one of the loudest announcements at the 2020 CES, which consequently won the prize “Best in Innovation”, was the all-new electric shapeshifting motorcycle by the Vancouver based startup Damon Hypersport.

Hadin Panther: hadinmotor.com

Built by a Chinese company with a California registration, the 2020 Hadin Panther has been under development since 2016, making its debut at the 2019 Motorcycle Show in Milan. The model has legitimate cruiser styling, comfy ergonomics, and 60-horsepower motor at heart.

Segway APEX: segway.com/

2020 Segway APEX is a new electric superbike, which is likely to become a production model soon. This model is rumored to be based on the Yamaha R6 chassis, and is capable of hitting sixty miles per hour from 0 in a mere 2.9-seconds.

KYMCO’s RevoNEX: kymco.com.au/the-kymco-revonex-electric-motorcycle-at-eicma-2019

According to the Taiwanese Kymco, their new streetbike RevoNex is more than just an electric motorcycle. The model applies the brand’s latest tech to deliver all-round performance, while utilizing the full potential of its revolutionary electric architecture.

Otto Bike MСR: otto-bike.com

In 2020, Otto Bike is set to debut on the European market, bringing the extended range of bikes, including the MCR-mid which sources most of the exterior from the base MCR, but gets a stronger powertrain.

Ultraviolette F77: ultraviolette.com/product.html

You wont hear the Western media raving about the F77, but this humble newcomer is a big deal on the homeland market in India. The Bengaluru startup, Ultraviolette, claims that it will be the cheapest electric sportsbike on the market

Horwin CR6: horwin.eu

Until 2020, Horwin, was mostly known as the European importer of Chinese electric motorcycles with the headquarters in Austria, but the company is ready to take on a new role of an e-bike manufacturer. Their first model is labeled Horwin CR6.

Kalk Or & And ridecake.com/gallery

The Swedish startup Cake expands its line of strangely named electric motorcycles: the enduro Kalk OR model is being joined by the road legal And. The bare bones two-wheelers were primarily designed for short term outback adventures, or daily commute.

Verge TS: vergemotorcycles.com

The upcoming 2020 VERGE TS is the successor of the E2 electric superbike by the Finnish manufacturer RMK, that brings the familiar design into production.

Energica Eva Ribelle: energicamotor.com/energica-eva-electric-streetfighter/

In 2020, the Italian Energica debuts the new Eva Ribelle model that rocks streetfighter looks and gets impressive range paraments. It is juiced by a large 21.5kWh battery, that promises up to 250 miles of range in the city or more modest 143 miles in a combined cycle.

Niu RQi-GT: niu.com/en/ces-2020/

We know the Chinese Niu Technologies as the manufacturer of smart electric sit-down scooters, but in 2020 they are introducing the RQi-GT e-moto which is aiming for 100 mph highway worthy top speeds.

2020 Kawasaki EV: kawasaki.co.uk/en/news/Electric_powered_bike_unveiled_by_Kawasaki?Uid=0885WV4JUQ1dXVoNWQkNXFpZDFELWFBZCVFaWlgNUFgODlg

The manufacturer of the world’s fastest production motorcycle, Kawasaki, is taking it slow when it comes to entering the electric segment. Their first model Kawasaki EV was presented at the 2019 Milan motorshow.


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