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  1. finally, all the current cw dc shows are all in one universe. We all been wanting this since the first crossover lol, but it was done in a great way and made it worth the wait.

  2. The major plus with dc is that the crossover shows were very special episodes, but when the CW went on and has tons of DC shows, the crossover episodes became their own special miniseries. You don't need to watch EVERY DC SHOW to understand what's happening, it's okay, but you don't. Hell, the events are sold as their own DVD sets!!! I wish Netflix (OR DC UNIVERSE) would make the events their own categories

  3. A flawed and questionable yet fun crossover is how I view it. I’m still kinda mad they pretty much Wasted Kevin Conroy. I get he was weak and broken but just do that with any other actor whose Batman. We wanted to see Kevin conroy BE Kevin conroy’s Batman whether it’s in the suit or old Bruce Wayne from Batman beyond. But instead he was literally a shell of his character saying their is no hope.

  4. 3:02: WTH are you talking about ??? He's the most annoying person in Crisis !! I love Lex Luthor but hate this guy who acts as him !! If only they could've but someone else as Lex Luthor instead of the Supergirl Lex or maybe I don't know what about Michael Rosenbaum !!! And FYI if they could've put a villain from supergirl I'm definitely shore they could've put Reverse Flash in !!!

  5. Unbelievable. This crossover even had some of the worst writing and biggest plotholes I've ever seen in any TV Show. But people love it.

    Oh well, whatever

  6. Come on
    This crossover was the worst, here are the reasons.
    1)half cooked story.
    2) killing the arrow TWICE!! just so audience can mourn. I tell you,same trick doesn't work twice.
    3) anti-moniter, boy can you believe that the paragons(saviors of universe) never even laid a single punch on the big bad.
    And in the end he was taken out by a mini bomb. Seriously?
    Shadow demons got much action than him
    4)Reverse flash- hey guyz, remember me? I was suppose to be the guy who fights barry and kills his mother to start his origin story in this crisis. But watever
    5) flash- supposed to die finally after 6 season worth of teasing and the idea got conveniently thrown out of the window.
    6)multiverse-should be gone right? Watch the ending again, arrow has smthing else to say.
    7)THE REAL VILLAIN- The monitor
    Why? Could hv easily killed harrison wells centuries earlier and saved the multiverse.
    And who is to say barry cannot do the same by going back in time?the speed force? Same thing he shoved his vibrating hand through just a while ago?

    Conclusion: This crossover was literally written by a child. Honestly only love it is getting is because of its various cameo appearance and completing various other storyline. Eg.flash earth 90, smallville,GL,DCEU,TEEN TITANS etc

  7. Meanwhile the crossover also helps tie together so many other DC properties, Swamp Thing, Titans, Stargirl, Doom Patrol, Green Lantern and several other little cameos, they really knocked this one outta the park

  8. If I was just judging the first 3 I would give it a much higher rating. But the last two were just a mess and kind of felt anti-climatic. I think the gap between episodes was harmful and the whole Crossover was a little too reliant on the cameos and nostalgia. I love cameos but they shouldn't be the most memorable parts. All in all 5/10.

  9. I still feel Crisis on Earth-X was a little bit better of a crossover than Crisis on Infinite earths. For me it goes
    Crisis on Earth-X
    Crisis on Infinite Earths

  10. I loved the Infinite crossover, my only complaint is that there was no cameo from Linda Carter's Wonder Woman. How awesome would it have been to see her standing with Brandon Roth's Superman and Kevin Conroy's Batman?

  11. As a person who has sees these shows I must say I was a bit disappointed. It felt like 5 hours of fan service for all dc fans and not an actual story.

    Both of Oliver’s deaths were anticlimactic, the one character that has been mentioned for the last 6 years (reverse flash) was no where to be found, Ryan Choi was a waste could’ve been introduced in a regular episode and give that role to someone else.

    That’s just a few things but there were cool moments also so overall I didn’t hate it but I also don’t think CW knocked it out the park as they could of the material and groundwork were there.

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