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  1. Lew unbox therapy is about YOU. You have the type of personality that people like to hear you talk about stuff you are interested in. It could be movies or politics and people would enjoy listening you talk. This is boring and a bad move for your channel.

  2. Hey 👋🏻 Lew! What’s with the unprofessional Unboxings as of late! And all the quiet. We want professional Unboxings in studio and plenty of information about the product.

  3. The people who are disliking are doing so in order to let you know they don't like this new style of content. You aren't Apple; people don't have incentive to stay if they don't like your changes. There's only so many videos they'll downvote before unsubbing.

  4. This is lot easier than earlier 😂😂 no editing no fancy stuff aaanndd it's different, I don't think someone else does that 😝. Make it a mystery Chanel. Make a porn vid with that head cam 😝. But on a serious note, is everything okay ?

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