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  1. I like This channel So much..
    Everytime they cover Different Topics..
    And Informative Videos..
    And Also their Videos are in English..
    Even Thier Mother tongue is different!
    Good work yuga Tech!

  2. Been using Realme for 2 years now.. and have no issues at all.. in fact my friend who has a note 9 had his phone wiped due to a virus when he installed an APK from a known site.. its really negligence that makes ur phone compromised.

  3. I wonder if people who refuse to buy phones from Chinese companies just because it's manufactured by Chinese companies know that they're basically the counterpart of those that don't like personalized ads on their apps because (while wearing their tin foil hat, they think) "they are being spied" when in reality it's likely on the terms and conditions when you sign in on most apps or services nowadays. Having personalized results, what was supposed to be one of the advantage of being signed on in an app or service becomes a disadvantage to them.

    "But I don't trust them, and you really shouldn't too." Anyone that says that better not be holding an iPhone right now (Because, Foxconn).

    But hey, people love reading about and making conspirashit theories. Let's just leave it at that.

    Also, nothing against iPhones, it was just an example. iOS is great if you want to be in an ecosystem (and stay in it).

  4. Watching on my Mi 9t Pro…I will never pay the money they want for a Samsung or iPhone…. it's dummies over here in the states without a car or place of their own to live…but guess what….they have samsungs and iPhones lmao. Brain washed idiots.

  5. As long as you gave permission to the app, your security data is compromised already. Its up to the manufacturer if they will sell your data or not.

  6. People do not know the difference between Fake and Made in china so made in china calls it because it is made in china Betting made in China also your phone Vivo,Oppo,Realme,Lenovo,huawei,cherry mobile is also chinese owner.

  7. im a vivo user.
    thought about chinese brands are not bad. It is always on the users on how are they gonna protect themselves and their data.
    all phones even the most secured brand (iphone) can be risky to depending on the user if they used it incorrectly

  8. (You may consider this as a rant, but feel free to read)

    Unlike iPhone and Samsung, Chinese smartphone brands give a lot of choices. Some of which are targeted at specific users and prices. Even if the prices get cut, some of the devices still have decent specs and overall performance, and it almost can rival flagship phones. In terms of cameras and display, they're better than nothing. Consumers don't need a 108 megapixel camera as long as there is a decent or good camera. Not everyone is going to be concerned about display unless you're very keen in details and care about deeper blacks, plus AMOLED tends to get screen burn-ins.

    Therefore, Chinese brand smartphones are not that bad, yet even better than other brands. If you show a new phone to a friend and didn't tell them that it came from a Chinese manufacturer, they would not criticize it. It just happens that there is a lot happening in China that we tend to relate it to their technology, specifically smartphones, that are no way connected to those unfortunate events. Take a look at Samsung Note 7 incident, afterwards we didn't really gave up on trusting them. If this happens to Huawei or Xiaomi, it could break our trust with their upcoming models/units. Consumers should know how hard it is to engineer and manufacture a smartphone without any big flaws. If not, then we will always have high expectations for their future products.

    I'm not afraid to try out Chinese smartphones because if you look at the big picture, it's still a smartphone.

    P.s. if you notice any typo's, it's becaude I have a small screen with fat thumbs.

    Thank you for reading.

  9. Chinese Smartphone Brands always affordable to performance, innovation but lack of quality while Non-Chinese Smartphone Brands like Nokia, Samsung, and IPhone are bringing quality, innovation, some are brand recognition and also security features like updates.
    Both are different story.

  10. By law, the Chinese Government requires companies to surrender their user's data if requested THATS the security issue. Companies like Apple have repeatedly challenged their own Governments so that they don't have to release people's data simply because they were asked by the Government (read San Bernardino Terrorism case, and Pensacola Florida shooting case which is happening right now).

    Chinese phones are less secure purely because the data is accessible by merely asking for it, while other Governments have to fight for it.

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