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Kim Dotcom schools Bitcoin maximalists Tone Vays and Willy Woo about Crypto adoption – consumers will want fast and low cost transactions, Bitcoin doesn’t meet that standard right now.
Disclaimer – Thinking Crypto and Tony are not financial or investment experts. You should do your own research on each cryptocurrency and make your own conclusions and decisions for investment. Invest at your own risk, only invest what you are willing to lose. This channel and its videos are just for educational purposes and NOT investment or financial advice.


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  1. I came upon a startling but very obvious piece while reading some news. Despite the recent downturn, bitcoin still remains the best performing asset of 2020. On the smallest growth possibility from hodling, an investor who bought on the last day of 2018 would have more than doubled their money already and a trader with a combination of the right skill set and experience could have easily doubled their money in a couple of weeks. That is how profitable this asset can be but my biggest asset has been Allan Shaw who is a sophisticated trader and signal provider. After trading using his trade patterns and signals for sometime now, I look back and recall how blessed I am now. On the average, I grow my portfolio by at least 4 btc in 3 weeks by guided trading. I am so appreciative of him and cannot help but let others know about him. He can be reached on WhatsApp (+48 732121976) or Telegram (@allanshaw) for insight into his trading system.

  2. After seeing your so called "diversification" portfolio, I can tell you that you are going to get rekt 😉
    You have no clue what Bitcoin is, what will work and what won't… but hey, please, stick to your plan.

  3. BS, Kim leaves the most important things out. Cheapest fees, fast, most reliable, is not the key, decentralized, censorship resistant and secure must be added. There is none other than BTC that can give you all of that.

  4. I think people will use a brand they trust. Right now thats going to be Bitcoin IMO. It's the one CNBC gives airtime to when they talk about the cryptocurrency market. I think that they got the comparison wrong. I think BTC is more like FORD and the alts are more like the mustang or the f150 depending on the utility your looking for.

  5. BTC has had to change direction lightning network will never be as fast or as scalable it still doesnt work it sucks in it's current form that's a fact because of the POW even Buterin has recognised this with ETH it's just fact and BTC needs to become more stable to be a store of value as well you cant have it jumping around 10 20 30 50 percent on a whim like it does now no matter which direction those percentages go.

  6. Agree that Kim has a lot to offer for the mass market, but he also admitted that evening that using an investment security “coin” to power a business idea that can perfectly well operate with bitcoin or an internal coin with no tradable value (air miles) can detract from a project’s credibility and is typically just a money grab. Tone has spent the last 5 years exposing these scams while educating that BTC is the gold standard (which it unquestionably is). Mocking him is just puerile. And Willy is not a maximilist just so you know. He agreed with almost everything Kim had to say.

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