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  1. I don't mind this kind of unboxing but my problem is that it's completely silent. If you could still have commentary that includes your tech expertise, then I'm 100% down

  2. Is it me. The videos look just like the gamestop dumpster diving guys videos. He also does unboxing of items the same way on his channel about gamer or other kinds of loot boxes u can buy monthly.

  3. If you made this video before you made all the stuff, you wouldn't have pissed off so many people and gave a topic for laughing. Second of all I watch these stuff to get an opinion maybe different from what I would have if I opened the box myself. The unboxing is frankly redundant that's why a lot of other YouTuber don't do it. It's what is said in an unboxing video that makes it a video. Without that it's just boring and not informative at all. Fix it Lew

  4. Not a fan of the POV format. Half the reason I come to watch is the interaction between Lew and Willy Du or really Lew and anyone else that might be there that day. The other half is the product obviously but I am often watching vid reviews on this channel of products I could care less about because its Lew and company doing it. I will not watch an unboxing of another iPhone 11 or a GoPro in this new format. I tried and clicked away quick. I could watch 400 unboxings of an iPhone 11 in the format we all know and love. This new experiment is hopefully just that, a quick experiment until the new set is ready to go.

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