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  1. Yeah man, but obviousely, he's driving a Lamborghini and you ..? so it pays off… like almost everythin on youtube, the more stupid and nonsense it is, the more it pays.

  2. Unrelated question from a foreigner: Is it a thing in the USA to buy ice in bags (as we see in the video) rather than making it in your freezer?

  3. I live about an hour away from unbox therapy and if this is a recent video of his, I'm curious how long it took to get that glass of water? We are currently in the middle of winter here and for the last month we have had approx 4% humidity. . Unless of course he is using a humidifier.. then he would be paying the cost of putting water in the air.. just to pay to remove it.. nice

  4. No kidding, that 50g of 0°C water vs 50g of ice is probably the most clever visual way to show that just melting ice takes a sh*tload of energy. I knew the theory, but seeing it like this is kind of mind blowing. ^^

  5. Why is the video so loooong Backing up your claims and all that you can just say unbox therapy is a piece of shit that doesn't care about the quality of his videos But no you had to go and be a nerd

  6. When someone tells you that a certain thing is a "game changer" and you should "let that sind in for a minute", it is most likely not a "game changer" and you should forget that piece of crap immediately.

  7. People don't realize it but Unbox Therapy is one of the cheapest to run "professional" channels on YouTube. While other channels like Linus Tech Tips (they also do sponsored videos but those are clearly marked as such) and MKBHD do actual reviews of things which takes time and effort, Unbox Therapy does first impressions only. That means almost no time is "wasted" off camera for actual testing. They get the product and can go right to shooting the video, maybe 5 minutes of research before but that's about it.

  8. @thunderf00t Also, everyone was fawning over they grey water recycling system at CES that cost a bomb just to put water back in the toilet cistern. Couldn't help but think of you. I've seen households running the same setup with a pool sand filter and UV lamp.

  9. He's a sleazy salesman on Youtube. What's new? Everyone does affiliate marketing, everyone is a salesman on YT. I saw a video from a guy just walking around NYC filming shops and was like, "this is Armani", "that is Apple", and his descriptions are filled with links of the gear he used to film, edit, and everything in between and even stuff he doesn't own. Nothing new here, everyone on YT is a salesman, even if you don't realize it. The only difference compard to this guy, is that most people try to add some value next to it.

  10. @thunderf00t Always love a good debunking, but it would make a fantastic twist if you could find revolutionary or unusual products you could bunk from time to time.

  11. You reminded me about "how many liters of water do you need to drink to lost X amount of calories and start losing weight". lol

    Also… diluted espresso? Quite weird concept, but I understand that some people don't like a strong flavor or don't need a strong flavor to saturate their sense of taste.

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