Trading Bitcoin – Price Holding Up Well Above $8.5K, Now What?

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Trading Bitcoin – Price Holding Up Well Above $8.5K, Now What?
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  1. The enemy tells a lie so big, that no one would believe it is not true, as normal people would lie about small things, but not about things so significant – more or less what Hitler said

  2. Tone, I Have to comment! You really can’t make up this stuff about what bullshit these fake satoshis have put out. I agree this is threatening the progress of Bitcoin. I hope there is a movie or a documentary. You will definitely be front and center as the lone wolf hold out in behalf of the bitcoin fundamentalists (as Tyler Jenks would have put it). I think Lone Wolf is a good nick name for you! Also, I have followed Pete Nagarian and his brother for over fifteen years on his portion of the show on CNBC. My specialty has been real estate and financing but I managed my own stock portfolio. I was watching CNBC when the market began to plummet in 2008 and the fiasco that followed. That’s why I got so excited about Bitcoin being the currency of the future. I just knew. Nothing else makes sense.

  3. looked like dumps were trying to get btc futures to 200ema on 4 hr, but spot wasnt allowing lower low from first dump, so waited day for ema to move up

  4. One difference with the ASX is that it pays an average dividend (4.4%) more than twice that of the international average (s&p500 being 2%). Dividends are important to consider when comparing relative returns/growth.

  5. Both countries are run by socialists drifting towards communism. The Ausies still bow down to the Queen. Both countries keep giving up more speech and gun rights. Bad.

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