YouTube Diamond Play Button Review!

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The Diamond Play Button for 10 million subscribers! 10000000: WhatsInside video: MKBHD Merch: …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. The whole tech tube: runs out of tech to review.

    MKBHD: oh wait how about that shiny, freshly delivered YT diamond play button.

    Tech tube: but that ain't market viable.

    MBHD: 😎

  2. YouTube :- Let's send a diamond button to MKBHD which is silver and shiny in colour.

    MKBHD (inside his mind):- I would have loved it more if its colour would be Matte black and would still be shiny…..

  3. If instagram would give creative awards… can you imagine how many Kim Kardashian’s booty would win? 😱

    I don’t think we need that on instagram

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