The true potential of virtual reality and future technology

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High Fidelity CEO Philip Rosedale speaks at Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco 2018 about his fascinating outlook on the potential of VR in games, related …


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  1. If someone can fuse VR and Lucid Dreaming together, Full Dive VR is created. If we actually started to study about Full Dive earlier when the question popped up, we could have Full Dive VR by 2022 AND it would be how we would want it to be. 2011 SAO came out and then the question popped up. 2011-2022 is 11 years of development. We would have it so soon!

  2. That "VR life" is not going to work – ever. Human body needs sunlight, energy that is in the nature, woman' s body needs a child, there is a maternity instinct. I don' t see a woman who is a mother spending much time in VR. If you spend four hours in VR the whole body becomes disoriented and there is no way to fix this. If someone would spend five months – 8 hours a day in VR he/she would get seriously depressed, body would not be able to maintain it' s normal functions the whole nervous system would collapse.

    VR is going to work only for the short time gaming and porn and short presentations (like some conference stuff or new car model visual presentation etc.) It is going to get better for sure. Thank god for the way nature works, people will have a desire to go further and experience VR, but this desire is going to be crashed by the resistance of the human organism. I do play some games in VR for a short time span and I do like the concept and the idea of VR. But every time I feel like crap after.

    The world is our real VR and there is no way to recreate it. It is too damn sophisticated, it created the brain for god sake, the brain can not recreate it – maybe seemingly, but never in a real sense. There is the best VR for everyone out there and you don' t even need any headset to experience it.

  3. It’s crazy I had a dream I can’t forget in this virtual world. It had all these different rooms inside there were live concerts of every genre life sporting events where there were so many people. I was in a hotel room I went outside to the balcony and I found millions of balconies fool of people having fun with there friends watching a sporting event. I went into this tunnel it turned out to be a sky scraper slide with the view of a whole virtual world. I Jet packed down to my friends who were waiting for me beach side

  4. Can't AI build it for us? AI can have access to millions of ideas from doctors ,Engineers,programers ,
    scientists etc….
    AI can be the last piece of the puzzle we need to understand complex problems. 😁

  5. You can tell this guy cares more about making money than anything else. Not so much how can we qualitatively improve and enhance the lives and experience of human beings…

  6. 1. People are saying that one of problems to create full dive vr is stopping our muscles… but without killing us by disabling vital organs. I belive that solution is simple… make us paralyzed like real-life crippled people! Temporary~

    2. People are saying that delivering senses is the problem… but we dont have to feel everything from the start! Smell, taste, touching… would be nice to feel that but its not a must-have at the start! Just focus at creating something that actually works without jumping around the room like crazy person waving hands in the air!

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