Is This The Best Headphone Deal Ever?

Sennheiser HD6XX – The Sennheiser HD6XX is available in limited quantities exclusively from Massdrop. The HD6XX is based on the …


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  1. These are the SAME headphones as the original HD 650s. That's confirmed by Sennheiser. The ONLY difference is the paint job (oh, and the name: HD 6XX). That's it. The original retail price was 500 dollars and now you can get one for 200. They sound way above their price range.

  2. 58x and 6xx are so close in sound quality that it comes down to personal preference. As an officially broke person i can not argue with the sheer value of the 58x. Also as an officially broke person i can also say that i dont have to dump money on an amplifier with the 58x but the 6xx will definitely make me steal my dad’S amplifiers.

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