The Bitcoin Chart I've Obsessed with For Months

The Bitcoin chart I’ve obsessed with for months, this is one of the most important charts for the long term prospects of bitcoin. Here is why this chart is now very important. #Bitcoin #BTC #AlessioRastani

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  1. I need help. lost all the money in the market. all the coins that I bought turned out to be scammers.I can’t work due to disability. Now there is no money for a living. help please. Thank you very much for any help! ETH Adress 0x083d15Ad75Eb867B35194321Ceb94e57e8035BBc

  2. I think BTC is going to correct a bit as well, consolidation would be great. In the mean time, I would give Algorands chart a peep! Big announcement tomorrow and I guess it is with some bank. Once I see the volume spike im putting a house into it.

  3. Hey Al, do you still live at home with your mommy and does she cut your lunch sandwiches into triangles? Just kidding bro. I'm sure she just takes off the crust.
    Who you trying to impress?

  4. So nice to see Thomas Majchrzak from Autogefuehl in your videos. Such a charismatic and professional journalist ?

  5. ICE cars are doomed – like horse and buggy when the Ford Model T came out. You missed a perfect opportunity to get a Tesla Model S!

    Anyway, thanks for the video. 🙂

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