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  1. While I disagree with most of the things he said, I agree with the playable characters part. I feel this game did the worst job when it comes to other playable characters. That’s why I hope that future main line titles will only have sora as the playable characters but the side games will have others characters beside sora. That way, Sora will not get boring and people will get more excited when we play as him again.

  2. Very poorly review this dlc fix some holes in the history dont make confuse more than the base game this dlc is better than history and square enix listen what the community of kh wants in this dlc period seriously using the difficulty as a negative is very poorly

  3. What kind of a kingdom hearts fan are you if you cant even beat the super bosses. Isn't your job to play it from start to finish and that means finish all the content.

  4. You really don't seem to know what you are talking about. This is not the first time there has been over a dozen new superbosses in the franchise. Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix did essentially the same concept as this. You also neglected to mention the secret boss that unlocks after beating the data fights. And I don't know why you wouldn't show any of the data fights, they were shown off in trailers and the identity of who they are is not a secret. Most baffling of all to me you didn't mention the expansive photo mode they added. Seems like you should talk about every new feature in the review. And not a word about the free update that launched along side it? This is why I don't expect anything from IGN or any video game review site.

  5. So you give the base game a great review and the DLC expands the story, gives us new characters to play as, super bosses and give us a sneak peak at the future of the series and you didn’t like it. Not a true fan.

  6. Must be really hard playing this game on easy! Just looking at the gameplay, I can understand why you thought this way too dificult.
    I agree with the story being disappointing, but the bosses and the dificulty, you just have to learn how to play the game.

  7. And this guy says he’s a big KH fan. Yeah not buying it cause everyone that is a KH fan loved the DLC and main story. And like others have said they’re called super bosses for a reason. Hence the name “SUPER BOSSES”

  8. Stop reviewing Kingdom Hearts, you don't bother to finish the content and you're giving mis information like the data fights(which have been in previous kingdom hearts) is what the fans SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR. So please we get it, you don't wanna play through these games that's fine but then don't come here and give your subs false info like you did finish it.

  9. I completely agree with the remind scenario itself…but you're complaining about limit cut because it's too hard? lmao, that's what this game needed. You also didn't mention what I find to be the best part of the DLC, and that's new combo modifiers that make base Sora actually fun to play as and not complete garbage like he was in Vanilla KH3.

  10. Only did 4 boss fights. .. so you didn't even finish it and yet you have the gall to review it. For christ sake ign at least try to appear to be competent. Most KH fans actually like a challenge. It's why we've stayed with the franchise for so long. That's not a retraction. You just need to git gud

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