Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Lenovo P2: This battery destroys both the Galaxy and iPhone combined!

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The Lenovo P2 is a fantastic budget phone with one humongous battery. Considering this, we had to put it up against the phone with one of the best batteries of …


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  1. Hey I'm watching in s7 edge to watch a video comparison with p2 and this video just blows me up I'm so love to get p2 but is the gaming performance good on p2, does it support Vulklan like in s7 edge to play in very big graphics?

  2. Nobody has done a real battery test to convince me about the battery life of this phone. I have a Ulefone Power 2, MT6750T, 6000mah, I am not a gamer, I watch lots of movies with my phone and my phone consumes just 3% of battery juice in 30 mins of full hd video. I'd like to see how the Lenovo P2 compares to this. Thanks.

  3. I own P2 and it is an incredible phone. Great display, great battery. Only downside is its camera. It is fine in sunlight but even when u go indoors the picture is unusable and totally fails in dark situations.

  4. Lenovo P2 is my first smartphone, I am very glad that it is my first smartphone where some seller recommended it for me. I do not need to bring any powerbank or batterybank outside with me. All i just have to do is charge it. I play games(which is summoners war) all the time when I am free. I can use the phone from morning to night then charge it for tomorrow.

  5. Great video really insightful. I moved from a Samsung S7 to a Lenovo P2 as I got so sick of battery life. My S7 was OK initially but it was nearly two years old. Don't really take a lot of photos or videos which were great to be fair on my S7. So was happy with the P2 screen display, size and the battery life is amazing.

  6. So if I have brightness on the lowest possible and don't have location or Bluetooth or autorotate on with less than 100 MB of pictures and maybe 12 apps downloaded would it still last a long long time or longer?

  7. I have p2 and i am lucky to have this beast! To me, i cannot find any area in which it lacks. Battery, 11 hours of screen on time is must with heavy usage 2 days are required to consume. Charges in about 90 minutes when its less than 10%. Made my life so easy. Thanks lenovo for this phone. Dont forget, its budget friendly!

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