Samsung Galaxy S4 Review & Walkthrough

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review & Walkthrough: TechRadar’s full, in-depth review of the Samsung Galaxy S4, with commentary from Mobile Devices Editor Gareth …


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  1. I absolutely love my Galaxy s4 and all the features.  I'm still learning things from you all which is such a help since they didn't give any instruction books with the phones.  Thank you all for your help to me with my new phone, you all are so cool.

  2. its not plastic its rubber dingy and i actually felt one at walmart to try it and it feels a whole lot better then the iphone 5c that i have yes i m actully switching even though i have the motorola xoom lol  ps sorry thought it said s5 sorry ! xD

  3. The only thing I like about this phone is that it has a big screen which is full 1080p hd and I could control my tv some of the camera modes  it has widgets and a big battery which is removable

  4. It's the exact opposite from me. My CEX is full of Emos that buy items at ridiculously low prices and then sell them at high prices. They are also very strict on what you're selling to them. For example, if your game has a scratch, but it still works then they won't allow it.

  5. Also, £600????? Im getting the Octa-Core variant for £405 and I'm very chuffed about it, my good sir. CEX is a wonderful place to buy wonderful, reasonably cheap but great quality technology.

  6. The Galaxy S4 is getting more popular every time I hear about it. There are now some sites that are selling metal battery covers for it so at least buyers can have that option if they're afraid the plastic cover will crack. I've owned a Galaxy phone and dropped it so many times that it doesn't work very well but the cover never cracked!

  7. I hope it never looks like the iPhone 5. I feel that looks like a shapeless slab. No shape to it at all and I cannot for the life of me figure out why reviewers think it looks good?

  8. I'm in the market for a new phone, I've got the HTC One S. However I'm some what bored of HTC. Though one app i really find useful on the HTC's is Friendstream. Does the Samsung Galaxy S4 have such a feature? If so that could be the winning argument for me to say yes to the S4.

  9. This phone is a great SUPER GEEK phone. But for the business user, I would never recommend it. It's not intuitive and is poor at basic business essentials. Great for the hardcore Linux and touch and play crowd. Great screen, good touch keyboard for those that like that sort of interface. Business use: 1/10 score. Social Media and Browsing 10/10.

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