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  1. Idk why but I find this Sydney Goodman chic to be really really freaking beautiful and sexy af. Maybe it's her personality I find attractive.
    Who knows,
    Also we both have our last names end with man hahaha. As far as the PlayStation 5 price goes I say we are looking anywhere under 600 to 600 dollars. But tbh I seriously doubt we won't see another 499.00 price tag so I say 599.00. They will make it 100 dollars more than the pro was because we now have a 4K Bluray player and it's way better than the PS4 Pro and better than the Xbox One X.

  2. Sony should be confident in their own product. I want to see the improvements to PSN and the dualshock 5 before I make a decision. Price means nothing to me.

  3. Wrong Again.
    Ps5 is 499$.
    They will not repeat the ps3 mistake.
    Sony always planed to sell ps5 bellow cost.
    Sony isnt launching in Dec
    They are launching Oct.
    There is only 2.5 million ps5's to cover launch and the holiday period.
    The reason all the game companys delayed their games is because of this.
    Sony told them they are launching OCT and only have limited supply. Ps4 software has to cover holiday sales.
    Sony will be out of ps5 supply before black friday.
    But ps4 is taking a price drop.

  4. Microsoft should super uncut the price to sell at a huge loss just to make SONY go so low they would give it away for free…. bwahahahaha Microsoft has way more money to burn than SONY. What a joke… they will be around the same price.

  5. PS:We'll wait till they announce their prices,so WE CAN PRICE LOWER!!!MWAHAHAHA!!!

    Meanwhile at Xbox:We'll wait till they announce their prices so tht WE CAN PRICE LOWER MWEHEHEHEHE!!!!

    And thus neither release their consoles as both are still waiting for the others price.

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