Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – The FUTURE of Smartphones?

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  1. Not really interested but it's a cool concept. Ithink the price of these flip phones will make them a trend for about year and people will stop buying them. Why pay 1300 dollars for a flip phone when you can pay a little more for a tablet that folds into a phone? I'm waiting for the galaxy fold 2 until then I'm enjoying my note 10.

  2. Man, aside from the very informative and eyeopening vid about the Galaxy Z Flip (cudos!) vreau sa ti zic ca esti tare rau! te urmaresc de 4 ani aproape si uite cum se face ca mai ai f putin si atingi borna de 1 mil abonati! Bv tie! te voi sustine in continuare si daca vrei vreodata sa ti faci un tatuaj profi, te astept cu placere in Doncaster la salonul meu! Cheers!

  3. So, what's the advantage? Who wants a plastic screen surface and a crease – it will ALWAYS have a crease. Hell, I hate fingerprints on the screen – could not rest easy with a crease. Manufacturers should just give up on this flawed idea.

  4. Big downgrades for a far inferior phone compared to the S20 Ultra and will cost more. Absolutely no reason to buy the Flip unless you are a Samsung super-fan. Really a poor choice for a sane consumer. The only thing it offers is a fold and you lose so much because of its fragility, no dust or water resistance and the crease. My interest in the Flip out of 100 is 0. The Ultra, about 90. No way I could ever choose the Flip over the Ultra.

  5. You call galaxy fold front side screen small and unusable, but back then when iphone 1,2,3,4,5 was popular you use it as if it was the best device in the world. While the galaxy fold front side screen is bigger than any of those old iphone series. This is what you called a party wrecker.

  6. i have more respect for the note series rather than to spend $ on a dumb down version of a $martphone.
    unless if you're a brain dead individual who likes to throw away $ and give it to $amsung or your girl they,ll
    see you coming and laughing all the way to the bank. ONLY IN AMERICA. BUYER BEWARE!

  7. I must say this is a very stupid review first of all why would you want all of those ridiculous features on new invention what score is a touchscreen phone is concern why would you want all those useless features the ones you're particularly mentioning most of those things are only connects I don't understand why these reviewers beat up on these phones for dumb stupid teachers like wireless charging first of all most people don't even use wireless charging because they already have a case on their phone at least 80% of the time just to name one off hand most of these things that you guys talk about are nearly nitpicking the funny thing is you guys never do that with Apple products which are very locking most of the time

  8. Compares 6.7" display 22:9 to 6.7" display 18:9 – there is less display to drive because of the aspect ratio, also remembering that there is a fold in the middle so you can't fit as much battery inside. It seems adequate to me…Also keep comparing display size diagonal, the iPhone ProMax still has more screen than the Z-flip, so saying that it has a smaller display isn't really correct imo.

  9. I don't think this is going to rock the smartphone industry.
    I see two main issues.
    1. The screen ratio. Those tall thin screens are horrible. Even on my Note 8 I feel the screen is too tall and stretched out.
    2. The plastic feeling of that screen and how easily it can be scratched.

    Regardless, I welcome ANY innovation. This market is way too stale.

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