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Hey guys! in this video you’ll see the most fastest civics ranging from 500bhp to a insane 800hp awd built taking on cars such as Ferrari, Porsche, 1000hp Corvette c7 , Srt Challengers and many more to come in the video 🔥 make sure to never miss a video thank you guys for subscribing if you did then definitely stay tuned for the next video! ✌

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  1. Love your video. Awesome YouTube channel. I have a 2005 STI dropping over 800 awhp and Dammit Man those Honda's were fukn bad ass! Much Respect to them!! They sure aren't the typical Honda lmao. Great job!

  2. Hehe Honda for the win even though most Honda’s I know are slow but hey sometimes slow is fast if it’s the only thing I know cause I have yet to see a Honda in traffic not have to pedal it off the light to get anywhere shit someone can rev it up so hard and it won’t even leave tire marks on the ground but that is where I live😂

  3. some hondas are fast as fuck. Cant argue that. BUT, each and every single of them sound like absolute shit! Seriously, is there people out there that actually think these sound good? And they are walking free among normal people?

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