12 New Scooters Coming to Improve Urban Commuting in 2020 (Guide to Latest Models)

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If you are not restricted by the unsubstantiated prejudice of looking uncool, then there is no better personal city commuter than a scooter. These agile two-wheelers will easily get you to the final destination through busy streets consuming unnoticeable amount of fuel or electric charge.

Today we will explore the latest market debuts within the segment, which are characterized by more fuel-efficient engines or new electric powertrains, more stylish designs and advanced technological components on par with the fully-fledged motorcycle siblings.

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Important info all models featured in this #ATmotorcycles video:

Yamaha Tmax 560: yamaha-motor.eu/me/sr/products/scooters/sport/tmax-2020

Already the most successful European maxi scooter for the past two decades, the Tmax, is solidifying its leadership with the larger capacity model powered by a 562cc Euro 5 compliant liquid cooled twin cylinder.

Italjet Dragster: italjet.com/moto/en/italjet-moto-dragster / italjet.com/moto/en/press-area/

If Michael Bay needed a scooter for the next Transformers’ movie, he would have definitely considered the all-new 2020 Italjet Dragster.

Qooder Lineup (xQooder / QV3 / Nuvion) : qooder.com/en/qooder-new

Until recently, Qooder, had been mostly known for the innovative tilting four-wheel city scooter, but the new models presented at the latest Milan motorshow clearly indicate that the Swiss company will be aggressively expending into other classes of urban mobility.

Yamaha Tricity 300: yamaha-motor.eu/gb/en/products/scooters/urban-mobility/tricity-300

The Yamaha 3-wheel range from is getting a new flagship model Tricity 300 dubbed as the premium multi-wheel urban mobility solution. It more than doubles the engine displacement, power and torque of the previous models.

Honda SH125: honda.co.uk/motorcycles/range/scooter/sh125i/overview.html

The million-selling SH range of Honda scooters went on sale in 1984 with the SH125 joining the ranks in 2001 eventually becoming of the favorite models in Europe. The upcoming 2020 generation of the scoot has come a long way since then and is practically a brand-new machine.

Vespa Racing Sixties: press.piaggiogroup.com/en_EN/post/show/171911/vespa-racing-sixties.html

Expected to launch in May 2019, 2020 Vespa Racing Sixties is a special series from the Italian brand, that celebrates the most epic and legendary era in the history of racing competitions. The edition is inspired by the aesthetics and sporty character of the 1960s models, and is available on the Sprint and GTS Super scooters.

Supersoco CPx: super-soco.fr/super-soco-cpx

Equivalent in performance to 125cc ICE models, 2020 CPx is the new maxi scooter by the French brand SuperSoco, that is already well-known on the BEV market for their TS, TC, and TC Max motorcycles.

Vespa Elettrica: press.piaggiogroup.com/en_EN/post/show/153643/vespa-elettrica.html

2020 Vespa Elettrica is faster version of the 2018 electric scooter that is now homologated as a motorcycle, boasting of an increased max speed reaching 43 mph or 70 kilometers per hour.

Royal Alloy TG 300: royalalloy.com/TG Series.html

In 2020, the new TG300 or Tigara Grande 300 arrives as the new flagship model in the Royal Alloy’s TG range.

SEAT Scooter: seat-mediacenter.com/newspage/allnews/company/2019/SEAT-creates-a-business-unit-to-promote-urban-mobility-and-presents-its-e-Scooter-concept.html

2020 SEAT eScooter is expected to hit the market by the end of 2020, being available for private anc commercial purchase.

Daymak Beast 2.0: daymak.com/offroad/beast2

The Beast is a popular all-terrain electric scooter manufactured by the Toronto, Canada based manufacturer. It is entering the new 2.0 generation which expands its riding capabilities, quickens shortens times and adds extra convenience tech features.

Cezeta: cezeta.com

The original Cezeta scooter was manufactured in Czechoslovakia between 1957 and 1964. Its design was largely inspired by the space race and was to remind the riders of a rocket aircraft. Now, it is released as an electric model, with limited availability of 50 units per year. Plus, the company is in the process of developing a new 507 version of the scooter that will be sold worldwide.


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