Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020 in 10 minutes

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The Samsung Galaxy S20 has now been unveiled to the world at Unpacked 2020 in San Francsico (which also saw the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, Samsung …


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  1. "Today we are more social than ever" No we are not, we may have more superficial social interactions, but the quality of our social interactions is declining quality wise. Come on people spend more time checking their phones than playing with their own children in the modern western world.

  2. I remember feeling letdown by the S10, and I feel even more letdown with the S20. Just a boring looking phone overall. I'll just stick with my Pixel 4 XL and all the other devices I have. Skipping Samsung this year. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. I just got an S9 1 month ago, and i wouldn't even have got it had my S7 not died on me after 4 years, tech is moving way to quick and getting more expensive fuck that, the flip phone looks nice, might get that in 2 or 3 years

  4. I’m still rocking my iPhone 6s that I payed €800 for 5 years ago there’s no way I’d spend any more than that on a phone especially just because of a camera I’ll never use

  5. these phones are not for the general public, they are elitist phones. yet for some reason as soon as you you give the option of putting something on contract, everyone is loaded lol

  6. Samsung S20 line up
    The ultimate peeping Tom phones
    You wanna peep from behind the door? Behind the window or behind the building? Samsung will ensure your peeping Tom needs are met.
    Samsung S20 line up, take your voyeurism and jerk sessions to the next level.

    WTF man..

  7. So excessive. 8k? We're barely at 4k. Why not make phones more affordable? The Samsung A70 was a great phone at a great price. They should try and focus on that line-up a bit more.

  8. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️$1380 for a flip phone…."Unlike anything you have ever seen before!"

    Me: Goes in to loft and diggs out old Moto razor….😳😳😳Still works!!!

    I want a phone with a screen that wont brake!!! Build me that!!!

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