Bitcoin BULLS Have Marked THIS Target! February 2020 Price Prediction & News Analysis

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  3. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question. I think I deleted a Blockchain wallet that had a couple of Bitcoin in it. Blockchain logged me out and then my facial recognition stopped working at that same moment. I've contacted Blockchain and they were able to send me all of my previous wallets which I was able to restore using my 12 word pass phrase. Problem is, my Bitcoin are not in any of those wallets. I know the date those wallets were created but there is nothing showing for those two dates. If that wallet ID has been lost/deleted – are my coins forever lost?? Complete noob – feeling like a dumbass…..

  4. Beware HUOBI. Their insider whales swallowed all the USDT and since over a week no one is able to go long. Can you imagine wishing to buy this parabolic pump and not be able to because your broker do not provide you the coins? Avoid by all means to trade on Huobi.

  5. Krownie, please dont speed talk over things you feel you repeat every day like the indicators in this video. You talk so fast already! i want to learn from you but it is impossible when it is not just 125% speed but suddenly 150%! Most of us are not native english speakers! We have to translate the special TA words and sentences + look at the chart and make sense of it at 125-150% speed lol! – Playing the video at 75% speed is not so enjoyable either :S Please keep it in mind =)

  6. You may wanna consider selling your BTC after it hits $11000, because you'll be able to buy it again very soon after for about $9000 before it starts going back up again. And the next target will be $13000 by the end of March. However that is what I'm doing, but with the strict advice of my mentor, Harry Clark {harryclark304@gmailcom}, his trading patterns and sure signals that have fetched me 300% ROI in just one month.

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