The Sliding Smartphone is Real

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  1. That IMac looks terrible from a usage scenario. The screen can't be lifted to anything resembling a proper working height. the keyboard doesn't look like it pulls out any further to go into a comfortable typing position… I mean if all Apple can do to the Imac is make it worse I guess this is the end of Apple… Users not having back issues that is. Of course they'll keep using them.

    If apple actually wanted to make their products better theyd include real stands on Imacs.

  2. Saying "who's that guy jerry rig everything" like you dont know who he is! We all know all you youtubers are just a computer generated image made by youtube 🤣

  3. I have always liked your way in explaining and unboxing things but this time you were very silly, as if you were drunk! The way you were acting and talking as you have no point or not even interested in what you are talking about! You were talking as if you should have a show but you have no clue what is it about?!

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