Supercars in London – 2 Dodge Challenger SRT HELLCATS

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Supercars on the streets – Two Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat where seen in central London, both were there together for a photoshoot.

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  1. Feels weird seeing this car getting attention, mostly you have the jdm fanboy that will look down upon it saying it would never compete with a gtr, or that boat should be in water. Maybe I should move to a county that consider muscle cars as exotics xd

  2. I find it funny how much Europeans are amazed by this car. In America it's like a normal vehchile to see rolling down the road. But then again we react the same when seeing a European supercar in the US hahaha….

  3. This car is so dope! Dodge has done excellent with the Challenger and Charger! They SCREAM muscle and quarter mile just by appearance alone! The mustang is way too feminine and the Camaro looks like it can be for either or. But the Challenger and Charger scream mans car!

  4. Dodge needs to recognize how good of a creation that they have created… If they only open showrooms all over the globe their products like this will sell like hot cakes. . Guaranteed.

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