Top 5 Smart Home Security Camera System You Must Have

Top 5 Smart Home Secuirity Camera System You Must Have Here are the best wireless security cameras that allow you to watch the inside. Korner Home …


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  2. ?Guard your private home using the most effective home stability, alarm systems, and expert services.
    ?Safe your property nowadays and get a totally free quote 877-885-3107 (7/24 – All USA)

  3. hilarious how the Spot ad does not show a single wire in the video, or on their website. They do slip up and show it in another video though.

  4. .most of these systems suck because they make them white to be visible by the intruder or too big to hide. My system is micro tiny with wifi camera. Invisible is better because intruders will otherwise case out your place then rip apart the camera, steal stuff and leave. That's why it's better to let the intruder feel like he is not being watched. Then that gives you time to call the cops and catch them while they are still there. Get a micro hidden surveillance system and not this crappy over priced garbage.

  5. hello this some does a gentleman is breaking in my house I know who he is I have a burglar system on my house he still breaking it he uses something against my door I don't put up cameras and put up sensors Define them and cut them off I'm at my wits I need help to figure out how to catch this man I tried to call private investigator he told me I have to pay money for him to help me I'm not rich I don't have money like that I want to I would like to put him behind bars 2 years sick and tired of it I'm frustrated I would love to catch him

  6. I like the info, but with an item this important, I would love the choppy camera shots and entertainment calmed down for some clear explanations. Still, thumbs up.

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