I Feel The Future Of VR With Dexmo Haptic Gloves

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These Dexmo haptic force feedback gloves from Dexta Robotics look like something straight out of a Sci-Fi movie! The Dexmo haptic gloves have an …


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  2. Honestly I can see gloves like these only being applied for a few things.

    Professional training applications like flight simulators and medical procedure training.

    Demo's and tours

    Gimmicks for a few games maybe

    But mainly the virtual reality porn industry ofcourse (c'mon we were all thinking it…)

  3. I understand that some can have some kind of phantom pain from being, for example, virtually punched that are caused by the brain but I’m wondering if this could lead to other “phantom feedback” types

  4. Wait, what if you combine these gloves, a valve index, a high power PC, a full haptic suit, and the temperature face thing, do you get a fully immersive VR set for the low low price of like, a Lamborghini?

  5. I bet it would be good practice for doctors birthing babies so they can see if they were grabbing/twisting/pulling the baby too hard to get it out

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