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  1. People always Compare or judge Movies of DC with the Comic.
    How accurate the movies is with Comics storyline.
    What is the need of script? If everything we follows from Comics
    And When the point comes to Marvel Movies everybody just act like there was no Comics from Marvel.

  2. I don't get your jabs at the animation style style, its fine but I wouldn't go on to call it bland. I think that these section of the review was highly opinionated on the part of the reviewer. That's just my take.

  3. DC doesn't put their best efforts in anything regarding superman. If it was batman though, dc would have pulled all the stops. To make their Mary Sue look amazing.

  4. What do you mean Injustice failed to justify Superman's turn to murder? The Joker killed Jimmy Olsen, tricked him into killing Lois Lane and their unborn child, which then led to a nuclear detonation in Metropolis! The Joker said it himself in the 'Killing Joke': All it takes is one bad day. Although I do admit that you would have to read the comics to actually know that.

  5. My biggest issue with this was when he spoke about how the Injustice series didn't justify a killing Superman. I mean.. He was tricked into killing his wife and unborn child, then had the entire city that he's protected for years blown up, killing most of his friends that weren't heroes.. don't know about you, but that would wear me down mentally, especially whenever you have someone basically whispering in your ear to kill other people when you're at your most vulnerable. I'd say that justifies it enough.

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