The FUTURE Reference Virtual Reality Headset UNVEILED.

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Qualcomm just unveiled the reference design of what it going to be our next virtual and augmented reality headsets in the near future. Hand tracking, Eye …


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About the Author: Tyriel Wood


  1. I really think that they need better inside out tracking (more cameras), better lenses (BIG DEAL) and screens and also fov boost.

    I am kind of disappointed at how the Odyssey + looks. Not really interested in augmented reality as much imo

  2. For me the next gen VR headsets should solve Vergence-Accommodation Conflict. They should really focus on optics solutions with some kind of lenses with dynamic focus range based on tracked eye positions. I also heard about some future solutions/ideas that are using lighfield panels without using any lenses in the helmet reducing it weight drastically and allowing to set prescriptions per eye by configuring lightfield panel.

  3. None of these devices are viable, let alone, consumer-ready in any shape or form. We are looking at commercial-only R&D hardware that is not applicable to entertainment. I think it's a waste of time to talk about these kits, we will never be able to use them and VR is going in a different direction. AR is still 5-10 years behind for consumers, and we still don't have the technology for low-latency eye-tracking. Everything being shown lately is textbook "gimmick", just to promote investor's interest and VCs.
    We are in a really bad place for AR and VR right now. No one is developing/engineering consumer VR hardware for the foreseeable future, and AR is stuck in R&D for longer than anyone has expected. After HLA, I can't say I have any faith in VR growing afterwards. Only Ubisoft and Valve have AAA games planned, and that's is not enough for the player-base that VR is getting currently. I'm not saying VR is going away, but it's currently dead in the water while the consumer market is exploding. I don't doubt a lot of people will play HLA, then not care to look at the games library and just put the hardware on the shelf until another flagship game comes.

  4. I really enjoy your tech focused videos Tyriel. I really enjoy my Quest which I have had since May 2019. I use it mainly connected via link or virtual desktop. The only thing that bothers me a little at the moment is the SDE and I have toyed with buying a Reverb. I think I will hang in there with the Quest and wait for the new XR based HMDs to hit the market later in the year or 2021. A 4k headset with 5g connectivity really appeals.

  5. Hi Ty & Heather, hope life is treating you both well? Can't wait to cut the cord on a headset. I now fully know what it's like for a dog that runs out it's chain. LOL I also have to worry about not yanking my lappy off the desk on onto the floor since it was a gift. Be safe you two.

  6. I hope they use this to determine the most used adjustment with the steering wheel to then place the speedometer in a position that is not obstructed by the steering wheel. That has always annoyed me.

  7. Nice video, thanks! I hope these XR2 headsets will soon be out there in the stores. When they all have eye-tracking, companies like Facebook can spy on us even more. Maybe we will get the headsets for a decent price when we allow spying. …I would let them analyze every detail of me for a good XR2 headset. 😉

  8. My man, I can tell how much of a fan you are about VR just because I act the same way whenever I hear about a new headset being released. I very much appreciated all you time and effort that goes into keeping us informed and updated about VR. 👍💯👍

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