When Will Bitcoin Peak This Market Cycle? (S2F VS Logarithmic Regression)

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The question on everyone’s minds – when will Bitcoin peak this market cycle?

In this video, we’ll be attempting to answer that question using two of the most widely accepted price valuation models for Bitcoin – stock to flow and logarithmic regression.

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  1. For over five years, cryptocurrency has been my most favorite digital investment and mostly when it comes to trading * BITCOIN * … No doubt, bitcoin market is set to experience what is called short-term correction and its a very good buy zone right now and no matter the market situation we find ourselves, have been able to understand that there are two sides in crypto market trends by traders, As much as a lot of people are wishing for bitcoin to Skyrock to all-time high from this present price, there are still people out there waiting for bitcoin to decline bellow $ 9k so they can buy cheap, I don't see these necessary because I have been able to understand the market and different opinions by so many traders due to my research, instead, I made more research about day trading and a working strategy/signals. Luckily, I got to know of Knud Green who is a Pro Trader and Signal Provider, with his accurate daily signals and guide I was able to accumulate and grow my initial Hodling to 7.8btc within 5 weeks of active trading, this you would agree It is a very good profit. However, why to wait and keep panicking about bitcoin price when you can grow a very strong portfolio with Green's daily signals, he can be reached on Telgram Knudgreen and Knudgreen01@gmail for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  2. If everyone expects it…it will likely not happen…You jinks the situation. Also no one is talking about (Bitmex Whales) that will Short it way before it gets to 300k, 200k, 100k, even 60k..

  3. 🧡💛💚💙 Tim D. Raper is going to show all these Bitcoin Bears the pain of not being Long when we breach $250,000 🧡💛💚💙

  4. Plus, I think we should want it to be after 2022. Would you rather have it peak at ~80kish in 2021 or wait another year or two have have it almost double to well over 100k? To about 140kish in Benjamin Cowen’s opinion.

  5. Between the 2nd and 4th business quarter of 2022, I’m an advocate of lengthening cycles and diminishing ROI’s. It’s easier for price to appreciate from 10$-100$ than 10,000$-100,00$.

  6. I like both S2F and the log curve models. $140 K is projected at the top of the log curve model by the end of 2021 according to Quantadelic's curves on trading view; $220K by the end of 2022. That's the sweet spot range IMO as far as time frame and price range for the next cycle top. S2F would agree with this range and time frame since the BTC price often overshoots the predicted S2F price.

  7. Utterly delusional still. Bitcoin failed as a currency, failed as a payment network/money transfer device and failed as a development platform. The only residual “value” was the artificial demand placed upon it due its prevalence as a base trading pair and gateway to other digital assets. But now that last vestige of “utility” has ceded to stablecoins and fiat onramps, which were desperately needed for years. Now, the only thing Bitcoiners have left to pump their bags is this ridiculous halving narrative. Almost all the supply is in circulation though! These bitcoin miners keep promoting the halving because if they don’t massively increase demand for BTC around the time of the event, their income will literally halved which will actually cause BTC to drop in value, possibly significantly! Store of value they say. You have to be utterly delusional at this point

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