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  1. This game is not even close to an hack and slash little to none monster in the expedition. My opinion game doesnt even deserve a 5 more of a 3 to be selling a game that had more problem than both poe and d3 on release.

  2. Did you see that skill tree fam lol im out. I got 2 jobs and a kid. Aint nobody got time for that lol. Game looks cool tho ✌?

  3. I have the game and yhea its buggy but i love it i'm lvl 30 and enjoying the story so far hope they get the bugs fixed i encountered a few so far and yhea its annoying but the game is great so dont let that stop you. Remember this is a team of like 30 people … and they made this … thats incredible in my eyes

  4. As a backer of this game, I wish they had waited a bit later for release. It's a great game, and I'm sure they'll fix everything, but the current polish level unfairly let's a unique and excellent game down. Don't sleep on this one, I'd say. Just wait a little.

  5. Why is it that the majority of games now are pretty graphics but half done or half assed in terms of story and gameplay, this is why I sticking to playing mostly older games

  6. Muito bom seu vídeo estou te dando like pra fortalecer mais seu canal, e todo mundo uns ajudando uns aos outros pra todo mundo crescer

  7. I think IGN needs a new review system. If its truly that broken you should just lable it as broken for the time being and come back to it once you know its playable again. You should also lable your reviews AS IN PROGRESS IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED THE GAME OR MADE IT TO END GAME!

  8. hol up…30 hour campaign?! did u forget to let the brakes off, or where the you just punching creatures with normal attacks ? cuzz 30 hours seems along time for me…..

  9. I would say it’s endgame design is pretty unique. The problem is the game balancing can even bring the endgame material to an end

  10. I understand that the game has bugs, but using it as an excuse to not finish the game is really lazy. I encountered the same bug several times. A simple google search helped me find a workaround the bug and defeat the boss on my next try. You, as a reviewer, should've made sure to finish the game and tested everything it had to offer before making a review.

  11. If the game is bugging out and crashing multiple times, this would affect your experience with the game enjoyable or not.

  12. I got a question. Hey, the game Hitman absolution for PS3. They have that and Hitman blood money in a pack for $60 remastered on PS4. Is there anyway I can just get the absolution game remastered and not blood money or does it have to be that pack since I'm guessing that's all that have available to buy?

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