5 Reasons To Buy The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – Here are 5 things I like about it. Latercase for Samsung Galaxy S20 Series https://latercase.com/collections/samsung-thin-cases …


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  1. As much I want the s20 ultra the only things keeping me from getting it is my unlocked s9+ is still going strong 2 years, it got android 10 since December, the S20 ultra is way too overpriced especially it only gets 2 major software updates compared to Iphones 4+ years, and Samsung phones loose resale value too quick from what I see too often.

  2. 120Hz on 1080p, 60hz only for the max resolutions. why not just 90hz like the one plus does it? That phone can do it on the full resolution. This is dumb.

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I thought the 120hz was just all talk but man it really was a game changer. I love my Galaxy s20+.

  4. Please do a review on the regular S20 because alot of us have been seeing the Ultra everywhere so seeing the regular S20 would be nice. Thank you

  5. Lol when guys buy phones which are large af and start complaining about it being "too big" for one handed users…
    Like.. ?

  6. Actually the Note 10 plus has a slightly larger area (0.41%) due to its wider aspect ratio. Phones are getting narrower and this has an impact on actual area. It's not only a matter of diagonal inch size increase anymore. Just some math.? Congrats on your reviews!

  7. can you please go to home settings —> Display—> Home screen and enable swipe down for notification panel !!!!! thank you every youtuber in the world does not enable this feature and it is driving me insane!!! swipe up for apps swipe down for the notifications and settings can someone read this!!!

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