Features of Future Smartphones!

This how the future of smartphones looks like. Let’s have a look at the future tech which we see in coming years through the Vivo Apex 2020. We gonna see …


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  1. 2000 mah battry with fast charging . it could be riskey while visiting remote places they would have given 2500mah battry .

  2. 2025 phone be like 🙂
    Model: Samsung S20
    Megapixel: 572 mp
    Brightness:2000 lits
    Slow motion:8690 fps
    Camera Sensor :Sony IMX 6486
    Battery:20000 mah
    Processor:Exynos 12980 based on 2nm and clockspeed 10 mhz with 12 cores
    Storage:4096 gb
    Storage type:UFS 6.0
    RAM:32 gb
    RAM type :LPDDR8X
    Charger: 400 w
    Display:Ultra Super Amoled
    Refresh rate: 240hz
    Screen to body ratio: 100%
    Screen Protector :Gorilla glass 9
    USB Type : D
    Software:One UI 3
    Extra feautures: Motion sensor,3D shape sensor,Tongue shape sensor,Under display camera
    Hope we will see this on future 😉

  3. Apex 2020 new innovative features
    1.waterfall display
    2.Gimble stabilization Ois camera
    3.Indisplay front camera (invisible)4.continuous zoom rear camera 5.super fast 60watt wireless charging (no ports )
    6- 100 percent charge (2000 mAh battery in 20 minutes)

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