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  1. it looks a lot better on pc and im tellin it from experience but on some cenarios like on the text i have noticed that its a game from the last console generation ps3 or xb360 tho its not a bad looking game and its a nice touch that its supports 21/9

  2. Didn't understand the story?
    Basically Alan Wake is still trapped in the darkness and uses his own work on Night Springs TV show to establish a link to Arizona where his wife is showing a film of him. This will enable Alan to form a crack in the darkness for him to slip through to reality.

  3. After I played the original Alan Wake I realized how shitty American Nightmare was.Visit 3 locations and do the same objectives 3 times over and over again

  4. Even without having played ALAN WAKE the story was EASY to follow. Of course it was more of a flashy comic story as the well written first one I liked the repeating scenes as in some TWILIGHT ZONE episodes

  5. I honestly felt that Alan Wake (2010) was a horror game. And that's the part i loved about it because of it being so mysterious and dark toned. As for American Nightmare the title is just wrong… It didn't need to be more action-ish. It needed more horror. I mean i glad they've kept the basics of the 1st game but what's the point if you're only gonna make to an action packed game? I am glad that they didn't continue where the left off in the previous game cuz that would have a total miss for Remedy. Btw STILL waiting for "that" sequel that people are tired of waiting for…

  6. For anyone who any stumbles into the comments here in 2016, this game is backwards compatible on the Xbox One, or at least it will be officially soon. There was a way to download and play it, but it's now been taken down.

  7. I can understand being confused during the second time you go through, but the third time mr.scratch's motivations become VERY clear. VERY CLEAR. He is in alan wakes body, while alan is trapped in the darkness. the ending scene explains it very well. The music choice was AWESOME.

  8. I loved the first alan wake was a really good story driven game but this game was the worst piece of crap I've ever played and should never of happned boring repetitive and went to far away from the originals style

  9. Would you really consider this a sequel or just a side story spin off ? Something to keep fans entertained while remedy works on Alan wake 2

  10. I guess you're right when you say that it's a mistake not to give the player an explanation as to why Mr. Scratch does these things to Alan… But I don't think we really need one. A doppelganger, according to mythology, is an evil version of you. There's not much about doppelgangers nor Mr. Scratch on the internet, but if it comes from mythology, that's all you need to know.

  11. I was originally iffy about buying and/or even playing American Nitemare because I didn't want it to ruin and not stand up to the first Alan Wake, but I couldn't of been more wrong. I ABSOLUTLY LOVED AMERICAN NITEMARE!! It was worth way more then the 3 $ on steam and I even bout it for the 360 arcade for 5$ to replay later and get the achievements. I don't agree with this review about the story. Both the gameplay and story r incredible and Remedy over the past few yrs has quickly became one of my FAVORITE developers with their incredible story telling and game mechanics!!!  

  12. Still playing the original "Alan Wake" and I've been impressed. This game could have won an oscar as a movie, or an Emmy as a TV show either way. It's really amazing no matter I'm not a fan of horror video-games. Love everything about it and hope to experience the same with this game, even thought I hardly doubt that…

  13. Awesome Cant wait Remedy is ahead of everyone when it comes to graphics and they aren't afraid to try new things in games

  14. The gameplay was improved compared to the original Alan Wake, but the story was downright terrible compared to the original. I just recently bought these games in the steam deals. That being said, I really enjoyed the series as a whole, and open to seeing more contant down the road.

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