Why People Aren't Upgrading Their Smartphones Right Now

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  1. Maybe most people don’t want to spend $1000+ on a phone. Doesn’t help Apple messed up the anti glare coating on the 11pro camera when the camera is the biggest feature.

  2. The issue is smartphones are not as good as a desktop in anything productivity and i dont see any way touch screen will ever match a keyboard and mouse in fine control(i wont get into the fact that even trackpads on laptops have no good solution to scrolling comparing to scroll wheel on mouse) as people realize this fact that a handheld device will always be below the productivity level of a desktop computer. they start thinking i want the latest and greatest phone but if it will never have the fine control of a keyboard and mouse and will never have a mobile version of Adobe premier to match desktop windows pc because the inputs. why ever pay a grand for a device with more horsepower than will ever be used that no pro would actually want to edit a video with it. With all that said things like Samsung dex or desktop docking modes witch lets you use a bigger screen keyboard and mouse may be the only good way to make a handheld device that makes sense to spend more than a grand on moving forward!

  3. Apple and Samsung could really start moving some serious units again if they release the best $200-300 phone they could possibly release. They come out with a great phone in that price range they'll be looking at some good profits. Of course I mean great for that price range, I'm not saying they should release their flagships for that price.

  4. When the people are being taken to the cleaners with insane pricing it's not surprising.. after looking at the bad quality of the s20 cameras, it definitely a marketing gimmick…

  5. After my Note 9 ended up with Note 10 programming after it's last big update, now don't have a reason to get a new phone. My phone's even better now.

  6. The more money they charge, the more they are forcing people to lock in to their phone choices. I think at a certain point the increasing retention time makes it less profitable for the smart phone manufacturers.

  7. I'm happy with my phone, helping the environment, also I don't have the money to keep spending over thousands bucks, prices are getting ridiculous expensive.

  8. Bruh when I heard you guys say there's a new Powerbeats coming out my heart was in my mouth. I just bought the Powerbeats Pro. Slyly glad the Powerbeats Pro are true wireless.

  9. Too expensive and not much upgrade.. Coming from a guy that usually upgrade every year. I haven’t upgrade in 2 yrs now..

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