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  1. Like this comment if you think Nintendo should release this game either TODAY or TOMORROW
    Now that the embargo is lifted there really is no reason to hold back the game any longer. And the fact that the world is facing a global pandemic with everyone stuck indoors, means that the world needs Animal Crossing NOW! More than ever.

  2. You have to be kidding me with all these inflated high scores for Nintendo games. How on Earth something looking so simplistic and with obvious flaws gets a 9? The hell happened to gaming journalism?

  3. Prince of dogies the review starts with him telling you hes a long time Animal Crossing player. Dont get butt hurt when you hear something you dont like. Its not a great quality in a person.

  4. I’ve never played an animal crossing game before, just never understood what was supposed to be so great about these games but I think I might give this one a try

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