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  1. PSA: Buy after the Enhanced Community Quarantine is lifted. Remember guys, stay at home, stay safe and and wash your hands.

    Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

  2. Luckily,.For me! I'm monthly changing my smart phones

    Like,.In everytime! My birth month comes

    Aug 12

    But,.Buying one w/my own buck would still take a long long time and as for now! I'm just going to ask my parents,,..To buy me one

    As their b-day gift to me,.Last year aug 2019 they didn't do it! So this year hopefully they're,,..Alrdy going to give it πŸ˜‰

  3. i used an oppo a33w for almost 4 years and then just this march 14. i bought a new phone and it's still oppo (too bad there's no realme xt :< ) it's reno 2f AHAHAHAHAHA

  4. um my phone is 3Β½ years old and it still working and no damage

    edit: my phone is an oppo a71 one thing i play hard game in it 😐 still good performance.

  5. Ung iba kong kakilala gumagmit ng ng lumang model ng iphone kht second hand kasi mura at para masabing nka iphone khit ung pinangbili nila pwede ng ibili ng brand new at mgndng android phone

  6. I’m still using the iPhone 6s that I bought last 2015 and it still works perfectly fine. That is why I’d rather choose an iPhone than an Android phone. No hate tho, just real talk.

  7. still have vivo y69 no damage in the main phone just the screen protection. screen protection cant survive my anger in some games LOL. also my xperia m survive my anger for i think 4 years but didnt survive the accidental drop to toilet bowl LOL.

  8. So basically this is a Android vs iPhone video?

    All my android phones lasted 5+ years and is still working up to this day perfectly fine.

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