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  1. @MrWhoseTheBoss can you please do an article on the Google Speech to Text application. On occasions it very rarely gives you the option to add new words to it's dictionary base, it wood be good to know how to access this. Do you know how you can correct it when it seems to have learnt some mistakes which it keeps repeating no matter how clearly I say the word for example if I say the word they it types I and any word like probably which ends in ly it types probably LEE and on each occasion it adds LEE in capital letters after the word. I find if I speak fairly quickly and dictate about 12 lines of text it seems to make fewer mistakes ( it still incorporates all of the above listed errors ) then when you stop speaking to allow it to finish typing the last line which it then completes,
    It just suddenly goes into rapid fire like a machine and retypes the whole 12 lines of text exactly the same as the first 12 lines. I may be expecting too much of it's capabilities but I find it works slightly better if you do separate paragraphs of 4 to 6 lines stop proof read and carry out any necessary corrections before then commencing a new paragraph.
    The phone in question is a 2019 Galaxy A9.
    The other issue I have is if I have a couple of apps open in the background and I am using WhatsApp and I get a normal incoming call I can't answer it, I have to fully close WhatsApp and the other Apps and then ring the number back any help you could give would be greatly appreciated thank you.

  2. Just want to say thank you…I know a lot of work goes on behind the scenes and I just want to say I appreciate all you doing man..your content keeps getting better and better…thanks and stay blessed

  3. Here's a question: Brands like Xiaomi/Redmi, Oppo, Huawei and Vivo spit out midrange phones like hotcakes. Do you think this trend should slow down? Like maybe come up with one great midrange phone per year rather than topping something you just released a few months ago?

  4. No one is going to buy a phone for the next year or so. I suggest that these companies save their money or just help their employees get through this shit. I know it is not gonna happen, it has to be said.

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