Best Cheap Samsung Budget Smartphones Under $250 – (Updated for 2020)

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Let’s check out these cheap Samsung smartphones! Galaxy S8 (Renewed) ▷ Galaxy A20 (New) ▷ …


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  1. I'm an S8 user and thinking of upgrading actually, only because my 64GB of storage isn't enough anymore. But if my S8 had a Snapdragon (not from US so we get the Exynos one) and a 128GB of storage, I might still be contented with my phone 😅

    Otherwise, S8 is still a great samsung phone to buy out there (now that it has gotten cheaper lol)✨

  2. tbh if you just buy renewed flagships from years agoy ou would get better preformance which is good for heavy users but if you are looking for new stylish and big phones then buy mid range/ budget phones from this year
    PS: the a20 international version is litterally alot cheaper than the unlocked version, it was 134.95$ the other day

  3. Timestamps or just simple text on what phone you're reviewing is crucial, I have seen most of the phones and skipping the vid every 5 sec isn't fun as you think

  4. Note: if u want a ever better deal pick up the lg g7 snapdragon 845 amazing cameras under 150$ meaning betyer deal than a20 a10 and all tht

  5. well the s8 being 249 not really under 250 but the rest of the phones are really good affordable prices even the s8 comepared to when it launched 4-6 years ago

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