BITCOIN MAD RALLY!! Bull Trap or Real Thing? HODLers need to see this…

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Good Morning Crypto

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


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  1. the first question asked by the journalist braught in fear , negative thoughts , panic..Trump does not want chaos. I look up to trump this man accomplished 99.9% morethn all of us(money , jobs , hotels , madison square garden. Free speech Solves problem they are not insults but opinions and personalites.. im canadian ..:(:P

  2. The only reason that the situation is different than other illnesses of the past is because of the economic collapse, as you know Ivan, most of this info from the media is a smoke screen.

  3. Great video Ivan. As bitcoin is getting stronger it's good to also talk about security of our cryptos.
    I use Atomicwallet because it's a non-custodial wallet and I'll really love it if you can do a research and review on Atomicwallet. I'm pretty sure they'll return the favour in a good way.

  4. Great content, but your videos are too long. A high percentage of your subscribers click through the video to specific places and fail to watch the entire thing. I understand while you're live streaming, an hour probably goes quickly. However, most people watch the video later once the live stream has ended. I'd bet if you shortened your videos and really hit the key points, your subscriber numbers would dramatically increase. Just my two cents. Thanks!

  5. Crypto investing is tough quite alright but not as difficult as it may seem if you follow the basic rules and don't love or get emotional with your coins. It is volatile and scary at times as things can fly up and down at extreme rates. If you are not careful, then you risk massive losses. To ensure continuous profitability, make sure you learn, be careful and do not listen to stupid things most Crypto traders say on youtube and other forums as they are lots of speculators in the market who tell you xrp is going to moon or BTC is at its dip and a reversal is sure and you even lose more money holding on to coins because they said so. The truth from my personal experience is that trading daily is far safer and more profitable than holding with so much uncertainty in the market. I have lost over ten BTC value holding for one year and have gained over 13btc in less than two months, something I am sure is a daydream for most holders. You have to be careful though and be exceptionally good in your tas, reading the news and understanding the trend correctly. I would also like to stress is that if you aren't 100% sound in these, you should make contact with someone with good experience and trade history to help you through. Someone I would highly recommend is Mark Jean His analysis is sound, and his trade signals and strategies are some of the best out there to follow. He helped me recover my losses and make gains . you can reach him via mail Marktrading884@ gmail com or via Telegram @ Marktrading884

  6. Sadly the market cap of crypto currency is much less than the SandP 500. We cannot look at these two things side by side as there are many different industries in the stock market, some are up, some are down. Bitcoin is more connected to the tech stocks like amazon rather than the whole SandP.

  7. The economy was collapsing without corona. If not virus they would use something else to blame it for. Check 'Road to Ruin' by James Rickards. Take your money out of your bank while you can.

  8. Celsius currently doesn't have a card… but it's in plan… i believe. I am actual waiting for their card. Alex and his teams are for the people. Been with them for over 8 mtns and very satified.

  9. Hey Ivan! we have been talking about overnight repo operations as a way for banks to meet reserve requirements. But since the reserve ratio dropped to 0 whats the point of repo interventions? are they so broke that even 0 reserve ratio doesn't solve the issue?

  10. I never get this insider trading thing. If you hold stocks and – because of your job, or how ever- you know, market will go down, you are then not allowed to sell? You have to take the losses? Or are you simply not allowed to hold stocks right from the start, if you are a senator?

  11. Buying and holding seems to be what most crypto analysts offer as the best strategy for becoming financially independent say in 5-10years from now but we can just relax and critically look into their short term projections before tossing our long term achievements into their control? Over 90% of them said 1BTC will equal $ 50,000 by 2020, I also started trading using Payton Niles daily signals which are so accurate, I made 357% profit on 1BTC in just 4 weeks. If you have any issues and need his expert opinion, you can reach him on WhatsApp: +12098109432, Telegram @paytontrades concerning his trade system and for more information regarding his signals.

  12. hello someone with a good heart and a good balance to help me with a little satoshi thank you all, don't criticize if you can't help thank you all jesus bless 1JPthvrMi77YTib7dtXR2DWAB2JJMAZU2U

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