P40, P40 Pro and Pro Plus announced | Huawei launch event highlights

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Huawei has had a tumultuous six months since the unveiling of the Huawei P30 series, but it is now showing off its next top-end flagship phone in the form of the …


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  1. Fucking unreal! These fucking dicks are launching new phones in the middle of a global pandemic??? Chinese people complaining of anti Chinese behaviour lately……is it any wonder when their companies do daft shit like this?

  2. I am never buying Huawei again, they spy on you through backdoors and can control the content you see and share.
    The Chinese Government are guilty of deliberately spreading COVID-19, I will never buy anything from China again. #boycottchina

  3. Yep just what you need during a pandemic.
    New tech for everybody to go out and buy.
    Is it certified virus free?
    Does it have the secret backdoors in the OS?

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