Virtual Virtual Reality | Part 1 | Unforeseen Consequences

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It seemed to simple. Become a slave to our robot overlords and please them in any way possible. I was ready to be the greatest “employee” ever…but then things …


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  1. Yes! You're playing this. It's really hard to find good playthroughs of this game after watching a few. I can't wait for the next episode.

  2. Great video! Really nice to see more people enjoy this title, tried it a bit on the Oculus Go and enjoyed it immensely on my Oculus Quest.
    Such a intriguing premise and technically impressive despite the minimalist style.

  3. Do you have an oculus, vive, or index? Or all of them? Because I think you wore the index during Half Life Alyx, but I'm not sure.

  4. Mr Sprinkles? More like Marge Simpson

    Edit; also I think the pot is supposed to break because I haven’t seen a playthrough of this game where it doesn’t. I think as soon as you click the teleport button it just falls out of your hand. So don’t feel too bad

    Edit 2: buuut I’m pretty sure the boat one can be avoided by just putting your controllers on the floor lol

  5. Wow the half life series was amazing and you did a great immersive playthrough. I don't know if I can go on without more of it.

  6. Hey Mr. Wolf, I have a question for you. I've noticed when you play VR games such as Half Life: Alyx or Asgard's Wrath for example, that your turning movement is very natural, like real life, I assume you are physically turning in all your games as it doesn't look like you use the analogue stick to turn at all. Just wondering how you manage that when the Rift/Rift S headset is tethered via cable to the PC? Either way it's a really nice way you play the games, more immersive due to the realistic movement you use.

  7. Again, I want to howl for you! You make a great alpha of the Wolfpack! A smile was put on my face when I saw the notification! You are the best Wolf who’s ever gone into VR!

  8. Let me tell you something. This game. Is a REAL BIG mindfuck. It’s so crazy. Also the effect with the goggles going on your face reminds me of the headcrabs from Boneworks (although I think I said that before) anyways… prepare your butts for what’s in store is all I will say

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