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Does Ethereum do more to move the market than Bitcoin?

We also look at the following 10 ERC-20 projects:

1. Gnosis
2. Status
3. Aragon
4. Band Protocol
5. Augur
6. Chainlink
7. Kyber Network
8. OmiseGo
9. Raiden
10. Aelf


Is Ethereum the One Actually Leading the Market Instead of Bitcoin

Is Ethereum the One Actually Leading the Market Instead of Bitcoin?

Here’s what March’s busiest ERC-20 Dapps have been working on. Chainlink, Gnosis, Status network, aragon, band protocol, augur, kyber network, omisego, raiden network, aelf.
Ethereum 2.0’s Phase 0 multiclient testnets will likely go live in April, predicts Buterin ———
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  1. ETH will rise with Bitcoin and will rise with the 2.0 release. After that it will be the time to sell. Now it's the time to buy.

  2. just to let you know Jim Breyer took ethereum out of his portfolio. When billionaires make a move it's best you pay attention. One more thing its Vitalik Buterin (vi-ta-lik bu-te-rin)

  3. How u dont mention unibright whent its one of the main reasons for ethereum 2.0 without unibright eth 2.0 is impossible altcoin buzz get ur shit right

  4. If you analyze the DeFi echo system, it seems that ETH is the better form of money. Once tokenized BTC comes to Ethereum, it will be good and useful as colateral, but I think ETH is where it’s at.

  5. At press time, Bitcoin has printed a small rise, reaching the $6k level. Traders believe that should the major crypto start pumping right away, it is likely to move above the $7k zone. Traders are carefully watching the BTC behavior these days but some are bold enough to offer bullish scenarios. Trader ‘George’ assumes that if Bitcoin starts pumping right away, from $6k it has a chance to break above $7k. this a great chance to accumulate, everybody should buy now and join the gain. for me I have channeled my current hodling with Mr. Knud Green strategy with full ramification, I was able to boost my portfolio to over 8.3BTC in less than 3 weeks with the same strategy, You can reach him on Telegram (Knudgreen) and (knudgreen@gmaiilcom) for further enlightenment to trade better.

  6. You have mentioned about Uptrennd several times on the channel, and so I went and took a look, and noticed you post stuff but don't reply or interact with anyone…

  7. There's no frickin way any respectable company, legit defi or any entity will use ETH… they will use Cardano, Algorand or Tezos most likely ..Companies will want Lockheed Martin, NASA type security. ETH will never be like that. Why am I the voice of reason…Lol

  8. Am I missing something? Isn't it better to invest your money in Ethereum rather than try to figure out which alt is going to perform best on Ethereum's platform?

  9. Theres over 110M of ETH circulating with an infinite supply. How is Eth going to be any better than the dollar? My gut tells me that Cardano has the best chance of being truly decentralized and staying strong other than BTC.

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