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  1. Wah cry about it, Nadeshot is a content creator let's not forget about that, before 100T he was competing at the top of his game in call of duty and making Youtube videos while competing as well, if owners are going to cry because he's trying to get content out of Valorant, then maybe they should start a YouTube channel so they can get invited to play closed beta games

  2. Riot and PRO team talking about advantage? Advantage was already givin when they let EU and NA play the game but not asia.

    As early as it was leak this game will be a problem just like how fortnite treat players. This is a bad ivestment of time for people and will die early so don't waste time guys.

    GRIND CSGO it has less cheater now.

    We have high hopes when it was said it will give close beta but the problem is exclusivity for EU and NA. Doesn't it sound advantage coming out from the devs and riot itself?

  3. Also, if you can't scout by just watching the streams yourselves, the problem is your ability to scout, not that you're not in the test yourself. None of the owners would even be able to tell a good player from a bad one because practically none of them have any FPS experience.

  4. audio on this isn't exceptional. Lot of peaking, might be worth looking into. Might just be them sitting too close to the mics or the mics sensitivity being on too high.

  5. this doesn’t give a competitive advantage to 100T at all. Nadeshot is Nadeshot, he’s a content creator first, ceo second. He just wants to have fun an play the game. And i’m pretty sure he would have someone else in his org to pick out the top players. These lcs and lec owners are just petty, and jealous.

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